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Best Places To Eat On Your Atlanta To Vegas Road Trip

There may not be a better adventure in the world than loading up your car with a change of clothes and a few friends, and making the road trip to Las Vegas. Make sure you’ve got your phone loaded up with a playlist of all your favourite songs to keep you occupied for the 28 hour drive. Despite being lengthy, the drive is guaranteed to be a barrel of fun with plenty of sights to enjoy along the way and you know there’ll be all of the top casinos waiting for you at the other end. In preparation for your trip to Vegas you could get in the mood with an online casino and enjoy the perks of UK casino rewards. 28 hours can be a long time and you’re pretty likely to get hungry along the way, so here’s a few places that you might consider stopping at to grab a bite to eat.

Woody’s Tupelo Steakhouse – i-22

As you take the i-22 through Mississippi you should stumble across Woody’s Tupelo Steakhouse that has been a family favourite in the area for over 18 years. Stop off and enjoy the finest hand cut steaks, all charcoal grilled, and some succulent local seafood. Woody’s provides a satisfying and relaxing dining experience that they have won multiple awards for with a number of traditional family recipes to die for.

66 Pit Stop – i-40

The i-40 through Albuquerque is home to not one, but two 66 Pit Stop’s. One on the 140 exit, the other on the 114. Both sites have an 8-pump fuelling station and sit down diner which is great for refuelling you and your car. You must try the Laguna Burger, particularly if you’re really hungry. A large ground beef patty with lettuce, onions, tomatoes and peppers between toasted buns, served with hand cut fries and a stack of onion rings. Designed to satisfy the biggest of appetites, the Laguna Burger will set you up for the rest of the trip.

Lola’s – Las Vegas

Once you’ve finally arrived in Sin City, checked into your hotel, drop off your things and take a leisurely stroll down Charleston Boulevard. Down there you will find Lola’s who have been bringing the native Cajun-Creole speciality dishes to the heart of Nevada. They have everything from crab cakes, New Orleans style barbecue shrimp to a classic jambalaya. Finish off your meal with a slice of sweet potato pecan pie or Louisiana chocolate cake. Perfect for getting you in the mood to paint Las Vegas red.


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