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UberEATS: A Game Changer for Atlanta Foodies

img_4178Over the last year, food delivery options seems to have exploded onto the Atlanta foodie scene. Now, while you’re binging on Netflix, you can order your favorite grub and not have to deal with traffic, parking, reservations, waiting in line, or any of the other issues that come with dining out.

Alas, Melanie and I are way too far OTP to have such trendy services offered to us; but there’s a wide variety of choices at the office. Of course, the elephant in the room is UberEATS. Personally, I don’t think any single company has as much potential in this market as UberEATS. We’ve even heard rumors that Uber drivers are switching to UberEATS only to stay closer to home, save mileage on their vehicles, and not have to deal with people (especially drunk people).

For our first choice, we selected Heart of India. A few days later, we chose Monterrey Mexican. I have to admit, looking at food on the UberEATS website is like car shopping at Carvana. You never leave the UberEATS experience. The layout is top-notch, modern, and usable. Ordering is simple. The only flaw I found was on a subsequent visit, that promo codes are only available through the mobile app.

If you’ve ever seen the Domino’s Pizza Tracker, UberEATS provides much the same functionality showing where your order is as it makes its way through the process. While you might think this is a novelty, I think it reassures the customer by giving status updates along the way that food is coming. What’s really cool, is that once it moves to the “courier is on the way” mode, you can actually track the driver as they make their way to your destination.

Use the code: eats-randyc373
Use the code: eats-randyc373

Angel, living ITP, has used UberEATS since they launched and his one comment – they always deliver hot food. Okay, well if that happens we’re off to a good start.

The UberEATS app clearly states “Tipping is neither expected or required” but it didn’t really sink in until the driver just handed me to the bag, turned around, and left. There’s no signature required, no fumbling for a pen, no digging for dollars to dole out.

Both of these restaurants were pretty awesome. The food was delivered hot and delicious. The whole office is officially addicted to UberEATS. We think you will be too. Guten appetit!

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