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FIRST BITE: Peyton’s Pie Company, Suwanee, Gwinnett

Peyton's Pie Company, Suwanee, Gwinnett
Peyton’s Pie Company, Suwanee, Gwinnett

Call me a foodie nutcase, but I think there’s nothing more exciting than a new restaurant opening. It’s even more exciting when we get invited to a restaurant BEFORE it opens. And, if this wasn’t exciting enough, throw in that the invite is to Peyton’s Pie Company, the latest concept by one of Atlanta’s rising star celebrity chefs, Nicholas St. Clair of Antebellum fame. [Read our review of Antebellum].

You can’t throw a rock in Atlanta without hitting a place serving pizza. So how does one achieve the legendary following of an Antico, Ammazza, or Veruni Napoli? What’s the magic that separates gourmet pizza from a host of “also-rans”?

Paddy and Chef Nick
Paddy and Chef Nick

As with any restaurant; it is skill, preparation, and ingredients.  The skill comes from Chef Nick and his California culinary training. This California transplant has brought those west coast influences to now his third OTP restaurant and people will soon be surfing to Peyton’s Pie Company like they do Antebellum and Mavericks. [Read our review on Mavericks Cantina]

The preparation comes from an authentic wood fired pizza oven, a common trait among the best pizzerias in Atlanta, that gives your pizza that smoky flavor that is subtle yet distinct. What shocked us, was how fast the oven cooks a pizza. One size fits all, enough to share but you may want your own 14″ pizza rather than getting into any knife play with your significant other inside the restaurant.

The final piece of the pizza perfection trifecta is the ingredients. Admittedly American and fresh beyond belief, you can taste the goodness from the first bite.  Angel and I went with the sausage and pepperoni, but Chef Nick suggested the sweet pepper and we bit – hook, line, and sinker. The sweet pepper topped off the pizza with a tangy sweetness in every bite.

If you want gourmet pizza OTP, look no further than Peyton’s Pie Company. Everything you expect in classic Neapolitan pizza with fresh American ingredients, wood-fired to knock your socks off. Pizza doesn’t get any better! Guten appetit!

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