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REVIEW: Morton’s The Steakhouse, Downtown, Atlanta

Amazon_com__Someone_Would_Have_Talked__9780977465736___Larry_Hancock__Debra_Conway__BooksI’ve been dining at Morton’s The Steakhouse for over 30 years. In that time, I can honestly say that I have never had a bad meal at any of their locations. Known for their top-notch steaks and the impressive service, you’ll be hard pressed to find a better place for a company dinner, birthday or anniversary celebration.

One particularly memorable evening I had was at the Morton’s in Dallas, Texas. My boss at the time was Larry Hancock who’s hobby was investigating the JFK assassination. Morton’s in Dallas is one block away from Daly Plaza and the infamous “grassy knoll”. That evening after dinner, we got a guided tour where Larry took us step-by-step through the event. It was a night I’ll remember the rest of my life. Larry went on to write all sorts of interesting books on the JFK assassination, the assassination of Dr. Martin Luther King and other topics.

Morton's Leap Day $29 Offer
Morton’s Leap Day $29 Offer

On this evening, we were enticed by an email I received the prior week for a $29 Leap Day special. $29 because it’s Feb 29, I get it. To say it was a deal is an understatement. The offer included just two courses – a choice of appetizer and an entrée with a side. Altogether the value of the meal is $69, so we got about $40 off per person! Now, we got another appetizer, a dessert, and an extra side – without that though, it would have been a steal!

Bread Service, Morton's The Steakhouse, Downtown, Atlanta
Bread Service, Morton’s The Steakhouse, Downtown, Atlanta

The bread service starts you out on the right foot. They serve you a large uncut loaf of onion potato bread along with whipped butter. This bread is awesome because it’s both light and dense, so it goes down really easy. Be sure to ask your server to add a full loaf to your doggy bag, because you’ll want more the next day!

We couldn’t resist the special appetizer of Lobster Stuffed Roasted Mushrooms. This was a special item that isn’t normally on the menu and I cannot recall having a similar item anywhere. I had to try it. I confess, great decision. It was awesome. The large mushrooms had the stems removed and the lobster and stuffing were plentiful. The roasting of the mushrooms was a perfect way to prepare this and the lobster stuffing had a great flavor.

Lobster Stuffed Roasted Mushrooms, Morton's The Steakhouse, Downtown, Atlanta
Lobster Stuffed Roasted Mushrooms, Morton’s The Steakhouse, Downtown, Atlanta
Caesar Salad, Morton's The Steakhouse, Downtown, Atlanta
Caesar Salad, Morton’s The Steakhouse, Downtown, Atlanta

I chose the Caesar Salad, while Melanie selected the Morton’s Salad sans the anchovies. The salad is a perfect mix of greens and I really love the Caesar Salad at Morton’s because of the large shavings of Parmesan cheese. I loved the flavor of the Caesar dressing and Melanie got both the Bleu Cheese and Ranch and loved them both.

6oz Filet, Morton's The Steakhouse, Downtown, Atlanta
6oz Filet, Morton’s The Steakhouse, Downtown, Atlanta

We both decided on the 6 ounce Filet that came with our offer. Even though its the smallest Filet on the menu, its plenty of meat to satisfy. They offer a variety of flavors of butter toppings or even an Oscar topping with crab meat, asparagus and béarnaise sauce. I normally love béarnaise sauce, but this Filet is so good it would be a sin to put sauce on it. The meat is so tender you can literally cut it with a fork. This just melts in your mouth and is an incredible dining experience. The flavor was perfect and Melanie’s Filet was well-done without any charring just as she had requested. The Morton’s Filet defines their tagline – savor the good life.

Horseradish Mashed Potatoes, Steamed Asparagus, Creamed Spinach, Morton's The Steakhouse, Downtown, Atlanta
Horseradish Mashed Potatoes, Steamed Asparagus, Creamed Spinach, Morton’s The Steakhouse, Downtown, Atlanta

The sides were just as good as the Filet. I am a horseradish freak so when I saw Horseradish Mashed Potatoes, I quickly asked about substituting that for the Sour Cream Mashed Potatoes. So, I love horseradish and this was STRONG, even for me! I loved it though! The Creamed Spinach was some of the best ever. The asparagus was steamed and it worked out perfect for these LARGE pieces (some of the largest pieces of asparagus we’ve ever seen served publicly).

Hot Chocolate Cake, Morton's The Steakhouse, Downtown, Atlanta
Hot Chocolate Cake, Morton’s The Steakhouse, Downtown, Atlanta

During our meal, we overheard our server offer a Hot Chocolate Cake for dessert. It would take wild horses to make us leave without Melanie and Randy having some of that! Served with vanilla ice cream, its that perfect hot/cold taste in unity that makes it so marvelous. The hot chocolate is actually baked within the cake, so when you cut into it the steaming hot chocolate just oozes out. One word to describe this is “sinful”. Your personal trainer will hate you, but you will love it.

Morton's will validate your parking or else it's $6/hr!
Morton’s will validate your parking ticket or else it’s $6/hr!

When you go to Morton’s, you can park right across the street in Suntrust Plaza Public Parking area. It’s $6/hr but bring your ticket with you and Morton’s will validate it for you before you leave. If you forget your ticket (I obviously failed to read the part that says “TAKE YOUR TICKET WITH YOU”), they can give you a sticker to attach. Just stick the ticket in with validation, and the gate opens! Voila!

Yes, yes, I know that Morton’s is a chain, but let’s face it – its a damn good restaurant and I’d put their filet up against anybody’s in town. They treat you like royalty and have a superior dining experience. BOOM – there it is. If you’re in Atlanta on the company dime, take advantage of it and go to Morton’s. Guten appetit!

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