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Atlanta Braves On-Deck with New Menu for 2016 Season

Our regular readers know that Melanie and I are huge baseball fans. So when the Atlanta Braves reached out to us about a tasting event for the media at the prestigious 755 Club at Turner Field, I was already looking for my ball cap and glove.

Turner Field, Atlanta
Turner Field, Atlanta

Regular attendees at sporting events are familiar with the two attributes common with stadium cuisine – crappy food and high prices. This year, the final season for the Atlanta Braves at Turner Field, could change your mind and you might find yourself singing “take me out to the ball game”.

Turner Field, Atlanta
Turner Field, Atlanta
360 view of Turner Field, taken with Ricoh Theta S camera

360 look at Turner Field from Braves 755 Club #theta360 – Spherical Image – RICOH THETA

Use your mouse (or finger on mobile) to move around the image, click the theta icon to go full screen

You can forget about having to rely on peanuts and Crackerjack for sustenance, especially when Executive Chef Marcelo Miranda is the leadoff hitter for the Atlanta Braves culinary team. Together with his teammates at Delaware North, Chef Miranda is planning a 2016 season foodie fans won’t soon forget at Turner Field.

Starting off the lineup is our leadoff hitter, straight out of Juliette Georgia, is Fried Green Tomatoes. Drizzled with a spicy remoulade sauce, Fried Green Tomatoes will get fans to first base at the start of any game. Atlanta all-star chef Kevin Rathbun‘s Steak Sandwich is sure to advance the runner. Batting third is Buffalo Chicken and Waffles, a great Southern tradition and let me tell you – this chicken is clucking HOT but the waffles are sweet like butter! In the cleanup position, is something you’ll need to be cleaned up after eating – The TED, which stands for The Everything Dog. You can hardly get your mouth around this hot dog covered with chili, french fries, beer cheese, nachos, jalapeños, and popcorn then drizzled with Coca-Cola infused BBQ sauce. If you think the TED is off the outfield wall, just wait until you try the Burgerizza. Yes, you guessed it – a hamburger with pizza slices as the bun. The Braves medical staff will be standing by with a portable defibrillator, just in case you need it. Well, you didn’t come to the ballpark to eat healthy, did you? You did? Then take a swing at the Cumberland Piedmont Farm Wrap, it might be more in line with what your training coach is wanting for you.

Derek Schiller, EVP Sales & Marketing, Atlanta Braves
Derek Schiller, Executive Vice President Sales & Marketing, Atlanta Braves
360 view of media tasting event intro, taken with Ricoh Theta S camera

360 view of Braves 755 Club during media tasting event at Turner Field #theta360 – Spherical Image – RICOH THETA

Use your mouse (or finger on mobile) to move around the image, click the theta icon to go full screen

We had a fantastic opportunity to speak with Braves management about the food and the accommodations available for fans at Turner Field this year, but make no mistake – the anticipation is already building for the Braves 2017 Inaugural season at SunTrust Park. [Read Atlanta Business Chronicle article on upcoming restaurants planned for SunTrust Park]

Chef Linton Hopkins with Melanie & Randy Cooper,
Chef Linton Hopkins with Melanie & Randy Cooper,

Speaking of networking, we had a great conversation with Linton Hopkins, known throughout Atlanta for his restaurants Holeman & Finch, H&F Burger, Hop’s Chicken, and Restaurant Eugene. Chef Hopkins was extremely personable and so gracious to share some of his time with us. I struck up the conversation by telling him, “I wanted to meet the guy who has to make his own ketchup and mustard.” and that kicked things into high gear. He went on to tell us of his research around the history of food, him being a cancer survivor, and his quest to serve only the best possible ingredients. He spoke passionately about his demand for fresh, healthy food and emphatically stated “if it’s got something in it that a first grader can’t pronounce, it’s probably not good for you to eat.” It was super being able to speak with Chef Hopkins and it was a great way to end the event.

We had a terrific time at the 755 Club and can’t wait to see the boys of summer take the field. This year though, will be different – the final season at Turner Field and some new food served up by the team at Delaware North. Batter up and guten appetit!

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