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REVIEW: Lure, Midtown Atlanta, Fulton

Randy's red Stacy Adams for Valentines Day
Randy’s red Stacy Adams for Valentines Day

We were last at Lure in September [Read our review of Lure, Sep 4 2015] but couldn’t resist going back for Valentines Day with friends. The menu changes frequently based on season and availability, but the excellence of the food and service doesn’t change one iota.

On Valentines Day, perhaps more than any other day out of the year, reservations are required. During the week, its hit and miss whether you need to make a reservation or not. One of our guests, who dines quite frequently for business, remarked what an exceptional place Lure was to take out-of-towners. I could not agree more.

Baked Crab Dip, Lure, Midtown Atlanta
Baked Crab Dip, Lure, Midtown Atlanta

We got started with the Baked Crab Dip because we enjoyed it so much during our last visit. While this was the perfect portion for a party of two or three, I realized we should have probably chosen two appetizers. We really enjoyed the Baked Crab Dip though as the crab flavor was strong, the dish overall had a wonderful flavor and the elements combined nicely.

Lure's Clam Chowder, Lure, Midtown Atlanta
Lure’s Clam Chowder, Lure, Midtown Atlanta

Each of us were dying to try the Lure’s Clam Chowder, which is prepared “New England style”. It was quite interestingly a departure of what is typically served elsewhere. Rather than being creamy, it’s got much more of a broth. Delicious pieces of crab were found throughout the dish and the flavor was impeccable. We are constantly on a quest for dishes that excite and delight us because they deviate from one’s expectation and Lure’s Clam Chowder does it all!

Melanie chose the George’s Bank Sea Scallops while the rest of us gravitated towards the Pan-Fried Sole. For sides, both couples chose the Confit Potatoes and Vidalia Onion Hushpuppies. I remembered the sides being smaller last time I was here, but I may have been mistaken. In any case, we could have split the sides between the table rather than each couple ordering sides because the portions were that large.

George's Bank Sea Scallops, Lure, Midtown Atlanta
George’s Bank Sea Scallops, Lure, Midtown Atlanta

I was unfamiliar with George’s Bank, so I did a little research. George’s Bank is an elevated section of sea floor between Cape Cod, Massachusetts and Nova Scotia, Canada. This area of water is renowned for it’s scallops and consistently wins taste tests across the United States. (Source: Foley Fish) It certainly won this taste test, because these scallops were simply fantastic. Cheap scallops can be recognized by being like jelly, where these scallops have a nice firm texture. Another way you can tell poor scallops and inadequate preparation is they are often gritty in the center.

Pan Fried Sole, Lure, Midtown Atlanta
Pan Fried Sole, Lure, Midtown Atlanta

Sole is a flatfish widely fished on the coasts of Europe and the Americas. One characteristic is their slimy skin so, as opposed to other fish, they are seldom served with the skin on. Our fish was pan-fried with bread crumbs and this gave it a nice crust to the fish that helps maintain it consistency and texture since the fish is very delicate. The flavor and taste was superb and the spinach complemented the flavor of the fish well. Even if you don’t like to order foods that are fried, this is so light you’d swear it was baked. I would strongly recommend this entrée when you visit Lure.

No trip to Lure would be complete without dessert. Melanie and I chose the Chocolate Torte with a scoop of homemade Vanilla ice cream. Marvelous is far too weak to describe how tasty this dessert is. The chocolate mousse is rich, creamy and tastes sinful. I promise you’ll love it. As with the rest of the menu though, the desserts change frequently so don’t be disappointed if you go there and it isn’t offered.

Chocolate Torte, Lure, Midtown Atlanta
Chocolate Torte, Lure, Midtown Atlanta

Lure makes any evening special but is perfect for celebrations and anytime you are looking for upscale dining. While we were dressed up on this occasion, its not required so don’t feel uncomfortable about going in business casual attire. The service at Lure pampers you and the food delights you. You really cannot miss out on Lure so it’s a MUST VISIT in our book. Guten appetit!

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