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REVIEW: Farm Burger, Dunwoody, DeKalb

Farm Burger, Dunwoody, DeKalb
Farm Burger, Dunwoody, DeKalb

I’m always amazed when a successful restaurant spawns into other locations and does it well. Such is the case with Farm Burger in Dunwoody. Taking it’s grassfed beef mantra, and replicating its Decatur success to places like Asheville NC and Berkley CA is no small task so KUDOS for the rapid growth they’ve experienced since their humble start in 2010.

In this first OTP location in Atlanta, Farm Burger knocks it out of the park for hip and trendy burger spots. With its laid back vibe, Farm Burger leads the pack of gourmet burger eateries and succeeds when most of us are trying to cut back on red beef. Much to the dismay of diet coaches and physical trainers, you just can’t help but be enthusiastic when coming to Farm Burger.

We got there early for lunch (before 11:30) and I was so glad we did. By the time we left, there was a long line. The community seating model always causes me a great deal of anxiety but I needn’t fear this at the Dunwoody location because ample seating it provided along with a small outdoor seating area.

Burger & Garlic Parmesan Fries, Farm Burger, Dunwoody, DeKalb
Burger & Garlic Parmesan Fries, Farm Burger, Dunwoody, DeKalb
Bacon Mushroom Burger, Farm Burger, Dunwoody, DeKalb
Bacon Mushroom Burger, Farm Burger, Dunwoody, DeKalb

I ordered a regular cheeseburger while my friend ordered a mushroom bacon burger. One thing that separates Farm Burger from other recent reviews in the gourmet burger category like The General Muir or H&F Burger, is that this burger’s tastiness doesn’t come from high fat content or grease. Its just pure beef with none of the drip from a greasy burger. The meat is well seasoned and it can stand on its own when it comes to flavor and taste.

Just as the burger has no grease, the fries are fantastic. My friend just had regular fries but I went with the garlic parmesan fries and I thought they rocked. A huge flavoring of parmesan and the fries were crisp and wonderful.

An interesting twist to the Farm Burger Dunwoody location is a Morelli’s Gourmet Ice Cream (read our review) inside the Farm Burger. Once you finished your burger, you can slide your groove right over to the ice cream bar and get your dessert on.

In a world where trendy gourmet burgers are often imitated but seldom duplicated, Farm Burger pulls off their expansion of goodness OTP and beyond to provide suburban Atlantans the quality grassfed burgers that we’ve known ITP for years. No need to make the drive into town any longer to get one of the most awesome burgers Atlanta has to offer! Farm Burger has arrived in the burbs! Guten appetit!

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