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REVIEW: Duluth Diner, Duluth, Gwinnett

Although Daylight Savings Time ended and clocks “fell back”, it sure felt around our house like we’d lost an hour rather than having gained an hour. A sleepy Sunday afternoon, found us off to a late start but still wanting breakfast. Melanie somehow came across the Duluth Diner and off we went.

Let’s be honest, we typically have a dim view of diners. Diners have a broad menu and our experience has not been good. In fact, our experience has been that the smaller the menu selections, the greater the chance that each one of those dishes is going to be a winner.

Duluth Diner, Duluth, Gwinnett
Duluth Diner, Duluth, Gwinnett

When someone says the word “diner”, my mind is filled with chrome, patent leather and white and black tiled floors. That’s nothing like we found. We were soon seated, met our server and had our drinks in no time. I must say that our server took wonderful care of us throughout the meal and Melanie also commented to me that she was a very hard worker who was juggling multiple tables and did a fantastic job.

Omelet served with grits and a bagel, Duluth Diner, Duluth, Gwinnett
Omelet served with grits and a bagel, Duluth Diner, Duluth, Gwinnett

Our expectations weren’t high, you might say, that we were almost fearful. Ah, the life of a food critic. Laurie ordered the Athenian Omelet that is a three egg omelet with tomatoes, feta cheese and gyro meat. She also got the grits and a biscuit. Melanie ordered the 3 egg omelet with Turkey Sausage and added green peppers, onions and cheddar cheese. She explained that she wanted the peppers and onions sautéed before cooking the omelet. She chose the home fries and grits and upgraded to the bagel instead of the regular toast or biscuit. I chose the sausage three egg omelet with cheddar and got the home fries and the grits with the biscuit. [View the Duluth Diner menu (PDF)]

Sausage Omelet Served with Home Fries, Duluth Diner, Duluth, Gwinnett
Sausage Omelet Served with Home Fries, Duluth Diner, Duluth, Gwinnett

We were in complete unison on our verdict. The food was beyond our expectations! Melanie’s omelet with her specific cooking instructions was delivered perfectly. The omelets were a big hit. I particularly liked that all of the ingredients were cut into perfectly bite-sized pieces.

Now THIS is a biscuit!, Duluth Diner, Duluth, Gwinnett
Now THIS is a biscuit!, Duluth Diner, Duluth, Gwinnett

There were two hands-down show stealers though – the grits were awesome! They must’ve added heavy cream because they taste pretty darn close to Flying Biscuit’s Creamy Dreamy Grits. Absolutely delicious. [Read our Flying Biscuit reviews from Candler Park(2010) or Norcross(2015)]

The other surprise was the biscuits were dynamite! They were light, fluffy and were huge! In the South, we call them “cathead” biscuits, but these were square so you can’t really call them that unless you know of any square-headed cats.

We know where to go now when we want a reasonable breakfast, even if it’s not breakfast time anymore. They serve up breakfast right – the food and service is really good, making Duluth Diner score on our list. Guten appetit!

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  1. Angela, Ray, Christian
    November 21, 2016 at 8:22 pm

    Never had a golden pancake I couldn’t cut, those were such tough pancakes, let’s call those bullet proof. The beef in the French Dip tasted more like plastic so just gonna guess – deli meat thrown in a microwave. My husband wouldn’t even eat the potato concoction and he eats everything including the food at the Disney World breakfast, that should say volumes. I’m guessing all the cars out front are employees cuz there weren’t many people in the restaurant.
    Oh almost forgot to mention the ridiculously prices on the food.
    3 pancakes almost $6.00!
    The attitude of the server was more frozen than the recycled food.
    Won’t return

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