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ROAD TRIP: Dobbs Bar-B-Que, Dothan, Alabama

When we do road trips, we always enjoy sampling the local flavors along the way. On our trip to Panama City Beach we stopped at Dobb’s Bar-B-Que in Dothan, Alabama. Rarely do we get sucked in by roadside billboards, but when it says they’ve been serving up BBQ for 100 years I’m guessing they’ve got to be doing something right!

Dobbs Bar-B-Que was started by Dobbs Sr. in 1910, and Dobbs Jr. moved to their present location in 1958. Inside the restaurant, not much has changed since 1958. Its certainly dated but the restaurant is clean and comfortable. I wish I could say the same for the mens restroom, but I’ve been to truck stop restrooms that are far less disgusting than what I experienced here.

Smoked Ribs, Dobbs Bar-B-Que, Dothan, Alabama

Fortunately, while they may not recognize the glaring need to reinvest into infrastructure, they DO know how to make BBQ that puts most BBQ places we’ve visited to shame. When you talk about smoking meat, its an art form and its one the folks at Dobbs Bar-B-Que have mastered .

Smoked Chicken, Dobbs Bar-B-Que, Dothan, Alabama
Smoked Chicken, Dobbs Bar-B-Que, Dothan, Alabama

I ordered the ribs and Melanie ordered the chicken. We ended up with 3 ribs, a chicken breast and wing for each of us. Let me tell you, the sign of good barbecue is meat falling off the bone. When the meat comes off the bone, it doesn’t need to be pulled, tugged or gnawed at – it literally falls off the bone. That’s the way smoked meat at Dobbs Bar-B-Que is – it falls right off and leaves a clean bone. Its perfect – bar none.

The sides were rather mediocre. The baked beans were tangy and tasted fine, but there was nothing jaw-dropping about them as were the french fries. They offered a Camp Stew, that is

Camp Stew, Dobbs Bar-B-Que, Dothan, Alabama
Camp Stew, Dobbs Bar-B-Que, Dothan, Alabama

close to Brunswick Stew offered at many barbecue joints but is wasn’t close to a real Brunswick Stew. It was pureed to the point that Melanie called it “macerated”. What was left was that it had the consistency of baby food and reminded Melanie of glue. The flavor though was pretty good while it was hot but we just couldn’t get past the consistency issues far enough to enjoy it.

The staff at Dobbs Bar-B-Que could not have been nicer or more friendly to us. The service was excellent and they went out of their way to make sure we had everything we needed in order to enjoy our meal. When you’re going through Dothan, use the bathroom at the McDonalds and try the BBQ at Dobbs Bar-B-Que. With a few tweaks, this place could be heaven. Guten appetit!

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