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REVIEW: Gunshot Sauce

Gunshot Sauce (Source:
Gunshot Sauce (Source:

Rarely do we receive products unsolicited, so when Gunshot Sauce showed up in the mail one day we both were a bit shocked. I brought one of the bottles out and showed it to Melanie and said “COOL! Gunshot!” I was thinking about how much fun this was going to be. The name itself hit me positively and all sorts of good connotations began swirling in my head.

During our trip to Panama City Beach, I had a great time cooking almost every morning. I use the term “cooking” loosely because I hardly am able to claim that heating up leftover from the night before as “cooking”. Maybe that’s why I enjoyed it so much because it was so easy, right?

Filet Mignon, Gunshot Sauce
Filet Mignon, Gunshot Sauce

I dove in headfirst with Gunshot and went with the Gunshot Hot & Spicy on a filet mignon. I am not one to drench meat in sauce. I prefer to cook the sauce into the meat so the sauce doesn’t overwhelm the natural flavor of the meat. Let me tell you, the Gunshot Hot & Spicy is hot and spicy! It almost borders near the “too hot for me” line! It will definitely wake you up in the morning!

Grouper, Shrimp and Crab Cake, Gunshot Sauce
Grouper, Shrimp and Crab Cake, Gunshot Sauce

On another morning, I had some leftover crab cake, grouper and shrimp and used the Gunshot Original Recipe. I found the Gunshot Original Recipe to be a wonderful complement to the meats and the flavor was spot-on. Breakfast overlooking the Gulf of Mexico on a beautiful clear morning in the mid 60s – can you say perfection?

The kind folks at Gunshot Sauce supplied us enough to share, so I am looking forward to getting some feedback from my foodie friends and I will amend this post with their comments. Overall, we loved Gunshot Sauce and found it be another marvelous tool to keep in your culinary toolbox! Guten appetit!

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  1. January 23, 2016 at 5:47 pm

    Well, it’s been a few months since this review and Gunshot is still darn good. I’m come to rely on it with hamburgers and just about anything. Got to order it on Amazon now! -=Randy

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