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REVIEW: Common Quarter, East Cobb, Marietta

outside-common-quarter-mariettaIt was a rainy, drizzly Saturday night when we arrived at Common Quarter in East Cobb, Marietta. We were referred to this restaurant by Jason Dominy, one of our new foodie friends whom I met first at the #ACFBTweetUp and then we saw again at Taste of Atlanta’s Bucket List Bash. We were quite impressed immediately with the restaurant itself because from the outside it looks just like any other restaurant in a strip mall but its quite nice once you enter. We loved the décor and the furnishings, its really very nice. The staff greeted us warmly and we had soon met our server who was very patient with us while we made our selections.

House Salad, Common Quarter, East Cobb, Marietta
House Salad, Common Quarter, East Cobb, Marietta

We began our meals with the House Salads. Melanie enjoyed the Ranch dressing but she tasted something hot in her salad. I tried it and tasted something with a little bite but I couldn’t identify it either. Though the server said they didn’t have Thousand Island, he said the kitchen could probably whip up something pretty close and it was spot-on. I thoroughly enjoyed my salad and finished what salad Melanie had given up on.

Seared Georgia Mountain Trout, Common Quarter, East Cobb, Marietta
Seared Georgia Mountain Trout, Common Quarter, East Cobb, Marietta

Melanie decided on the Seared Georgia Mountain Trout but substituted the Creamy Mac & Cheese for the Shiitake Mushrooms and chose to skip the walnut vinaigrette. She thought that the trout was bland but she normally favors salmon when she choose fish which has a much stronger flavor. We both thought this may have better if sautéed in a herb garlic butter or seasoned with a lemon pepper rub. She thought the brussel sprouts were over seasoned with salt and too spicy so that killed it for her. She also thought the Creamy Mac & Cheese had no flavor and needed more of a cheese taste. Considering Common Quarter is owned by the same people that did Local Three, her expectations were higher.

Charleston Frogmore Stew, Common Quarter, East Cobb, Marietta
Charleston Frogmore Stew, Common Quarter, East Cobb, Marietta

I chose the Charleston Frogmore Stew, which is also know in some parts as a Low Country Boil. The differentiating factor here was the mussels, which I had never tried before. This was a little different for me as well, as there was a tomato broth that I found quite spicy and delicious. The mussels were an enjoyable addition to the traditional Low Country Boil as were the fingerling potatoes. I really liked the kielbasa versus the sausage normally found in this dish. Overall, the broth really made a distinct difference in one of the my favorite dishes and I really enjoyed it.

Peanut Butter Pie, Common Quarter, East Cobb, Marietta
Peanut Butter Pie, Common Quarter, East Cobb, Marietta

For our dessert, we chose to share a slice of Peanut Butter Pie and it was OH SO YUMMY! In summary, Common Quarter is a little pricy for what you receive but I enjoyed the food and the atmosphere was a notch above what we’d expected. Common Quarter makes a pretty good choice for East Cobb diners to enjoy a good meal and great service. Guten appetit.

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