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REVIEW: The Pig & The Pearl, Atlantic Station, Midtown Atlanta

The Pig & The Pearl, Atlantic Station, Midtown Atlanta

In our continuing support for Midtown Restaurant Week, we visited The Pig & The Pearl in Atlantic Station. We’d first learned of The Pig & The Pearl when we had done a review of The Shed at Glenwood and found that they were sister restaurants. We had such a fantastic time at The Shed, we knew The Pig & The Pearl wasn’t going to be far off.

It was later in the evening on a week night when we chose to visit and we were able to walk right in and be seated. I would expect however, that on the weekends this place is hopping and Saturday and Sunday afternoon are particularly busy so plan accordingly.

The idea of barbeque and a raw bar sounded like a strange combination to me, but the name fit together so well and was so representative of the concept, I quickly began to see the light. I mean, this should be heaven for Melanie and I with our strong affection for both food genres, right?

As par for the course with most barbeque places, we almost always order the Brunswick Stew (not pictured). Melanie, the ultimate judge when it comes to Brunswick Stew, LOVED IT! It was thick and meaty and wonderfully delicious. She thought it was some of the best Brunswick Stew she had ever experienced! I found this to be interesting because it was so thick, it was rather untraditional and didn’t include many of the vegetables normally found in a Brunswick Stew. Still, the flavor is what took home the day and therefore we must recommend this as a MUST TRY when you visit The Pig & The Pearl.

Cornbread, The Pig & The Pearl, Atlantic Station, Midtown Atlanta

We also ordered the Cornbread for starters as well. Normally we are disappointed with cornbread because its so easy to not make this properly and, worse still, to overcook cornbread where it dries out and then loses its flavor. I am pleased to report though, this cornbread would make any true Southerner smile. It’s sweet, moist and a pleasure to enjoy.

There’s many choices on the menu that were off limits for Melanie though because they were just too spicy. I’m a fan of “the heat” so I like to see those things as options, but I think sometimes restaurants get carried away and don’t consider the vast majority of diners who don’t enjoy spicy foods.

Melanie chose her staple meal for barbeque, Springer Mountain Farms Chicken Breast and Smoked Cheddar Macaroni & Cheese. I went with the Smoked Rainbow Trout that comes with Green Chile Grits and a Mushroom & Green Bean Salad.

The Pig & The Pearl is an awesome place to gather with friends or family. The restaurant is large and welcoming and the staff was so friendly. I can see how entertaining here on the weekends would be great fun!

, The Pig & The Pearl, Atlantic Station, Midtown Atlanta
Smoked Rainbow Trout served with Green Chile Grits and Mushroom & Green Bean Salad, The Pig & The Pearl, Atlantic Station, Midtown Atlanta
Springer Mountain Farms Chicken Breast, The Pig & The Pearl, Atlantic Station, Midtown Atlanta

The Pig & The Pearl won my heart when the meal arrived and it was steaming hot! I love, love, LOVE hot food! I really enjoyed the presentation of the Smoked Rainbow Trout dish. The trout, was seasoned perfectly and cooked to perfection. Every bite was splendid! The mushroom and green bean salad was surprising good. I think these are Enoki mushrooms but perhaps one of our readers may know for sure. The Green Chile Grits had just the right amount of kick to them and I absolutely LOVED them!

Melanie said her Springer Mountain Farms Chicken Breast was a fantastic piece of smoke chicken with a bold, smoky flavor. The meat was moist and tender and the breast itself was so large, she couldn’t finish it.

Smoked Cheddar Macaroni & Cheese, The Pig & The Pearl, Atlantic Station, Midtown Atlanta
Smoked Cheddar Macaroni & Cheese, The Pig & The Pearl, Atlantic Station, Midtown Atlanta
The Pig & The Pearl, Atlantic Station, Midtown Atlanta
Mustard & Bacon Potato Salad, The Pig & The Pearl, Atlantic Station, Midtown Atlanta

The Smoked Cheddar Macaroni and Cheese is served in a cast iron dish which help maintain its temperature throughout the meal. Melanie wasn’t enthusiastic about the Mustard & Bacon Potato Salad but I think that had more to do with the choice to use dijon mustard, which is one of my favorites. I really didn’t care for it cold, but I took her leftover chicken, mac & cheese and the potato salad to the office the next day and heated it up and it was pretty awesome. I also realized then that’s there’s bits of celery in there too and that may have been another thing she was picking up on that she didn’t like about it. Heated, I enjoyed it much more than cold.

We had a great time at The Pig & The Pearl! The food was great and our service was top-notch! Best of all its in one of our favorite spots on Earth – Atlantic Station! When in Midtown, you simply MUST visit The Pig & The Pearl! Guten appetit!

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1 Comment

  1. Shannon D
    October 13, 2016 at 12:43 am

    I’m hoping this reaches cooperate or the General Manger

    I visited The Pig and The Pearl last night 10/11/2016 around 930pm not as a customer but as an Uber Eats partner picking up for a customer. As a partner I enjoy being able to go to different food establishments in or around my city to pick up their customer’s order and to scope out the next restaurant my family and I will enjoy at a later date. However, that changed for The Pig and The Pearl due to an unwarranted encounter with the bartender.

    Being an Atlanta native I’ve had the privileged of visiting Atlantic Station often as a patron and a driver and each time I’ve visited I’ve had to use my GPS navigation. Now with the GPS it never gets you to the direct location. It almost always directs you to the parking garage. Which is ok if I was patronizing the area but when I’m delivering I usually park directly in front of the business or very close by. On this particular night I tried to use the GPS and once again it led me to the parking garage. Being that we are on a time line to get the food order from the restaurants and deliver in a timely fashion I opted to pick up the phone and call The Pig and The Pearl to see if I could get a huge landmark close by.

    The bartender which I didn’t know during the call answered the phone. I told her that I was looking for directions on their approximate location. She immediately asked was I coming tonight and I said yes. I didn’t know it was close to closing time at the time of the call. But I told her that I was coming to pick up an order. After she drilled on what order, which didn’t matter at the time if I was looking for directions. She told me that they were directly next to some establishment that I can’t remember the name. I in turn told her I’m wasn’t sure of that place and could she give me a more popular landmark like the movie theater. She became very belligerent and told me and I quote ‘’she isn’t my personal GPS’’, ‘’that she was busy’’, and then hung the phone up in my face.

    I started to cancel the order but that would’ve left their customer in a bind and angry. I didn’t want to punish them for the recent experience I had just had over one rude employee but I was for sure going to tell them.

    I continued my trip thru Atlantic Station looking for this restaurant and stopping on the way to speak with an officer on duty who helped me find it with no problem and without an attitude.

    I entered the restaurant and went directly to the bar. I instructed the bartender that I was there to pick up an Uber Eats Order. She said theirs your order and I in turn told her I needed to find out who hung up the phone in my face. She bravely admitted to doing so. Keep in mind she said she was busy but when I arrived not even 10 mins later there were only 2 couples seating at the bar. The restaurant was mostly empty. However, she was cleaning up getting ready to leave so I guess that’s what she meant by she was busy. We exchanged a few words in front of customers including me telling her she was rude and unprofessional. After she wouldn’t apologize I asked her for a manager.

    The manager immediately came out but as she was walking towards me I seen the bartender snickering as she briefly told her side of the story. The manager listened to my concern but to me she wasn’t concerned enough. She told she would have her come apologize to me. But I told her I didn’t want an apology from her because she knew exactly what she was did.
    Uber gives us the number to the establishments for situation as such. But me only trying to do my job brought me humiliation and great disappointment. The bartender clearly has no regards for its patrons and I will not be bringing my family or recommending this establishment to Uber riders that I encounter daily.

    She clearly ruined it for a future customer and many more. Please do something about this employee. She doesn’t need or want that job clearly, and out of 35 years I’ve never experienced such rudeness for no reason.

    Thank you for your prompt attention to this matter

    Shannon D

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