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REVIEW: Johnny’s Pizza, Grayson, Gwinnett

Johnny's Pizza, Grayson
Johnny’s Pizza, Grayson

Johnny’s Pizza is one of our “go to” spots close to home that we really don’t frequent that much. Let’s face it, everyone likes pizza but we all know that its probably not the healthiest of choices so we try to limit our visits. That day though, Melanie hurt her hand and I thought some comfort food was just what the doctor ordered. Plus with her eating vegetarian now, it gave use each an opportunity to make a choice.

First though, I called the restaurant to make sure that something crazy like Karaoke or live music wasn’t going on. This particular place is loud enough without any additional help. I’m not sure if it’s the polished concrete floor, the high ceilings or the crowded bar, but it seems to be almost deafening at times.

We were seated promptly and had our drinks quickly so we were ready to order. We opted for a large pizza, half four-cheese and half with pepperoni, sausage and hamburger. Since Melanie was now temporarily one-handed, and left-handed at that, we got her side with a small square cut. When I saw this on the ticket referred to as the “Kid’s Cut” I should’ve ribbed her about it but she was in far too much pain to be taken advantage of like that.

IMG_1363Johnny’s Pizza is casual like any other pizza place, but the thing I really like about this location is that is has that authentic neighborhood feel. The folks that work there are super nice and have always done their best to make our meal a memorable one.

When our pizza arrived, it was a feast waiting to be had. I think Melanie may have paid off the cook though because the word “half” did not accurately describe her side of the pizza. Okay, I may have gotten slighted just a bit, but there was plenty of food to be had for both of us.

There are those that will claim “pizza is pizza” but this could not be further from the truth. We all know those crappy pizza places. I think there’s three things that epitomize a quality pizza offering.


  1. The dough has to be fresh. At Johnny’s Pizza, you can watch them make the dough, and prepare your pizza, because of their open kitchen view. I really prefer this because you can observe people while they work. I realize that takes some getting used to when you might be accustomed to working in a closed kitchen, but I truly think that this is a plus for the patrons.
  2. The sauce has to be good and there’s got to be enough of it. Too many pizza places skimp on sauce. Its too thin or they don’t use enough of it and it makes or breaks the pizza. At Johnny’s Pizza, it rich, full of flavor and plentiful.
  3. The ingredients have to be top-quality. We’ve never been disappointed with the ingredients on a pizza at Johnny’s Pizza. They don’t “cheap out” when it comes to providing the best meats, veggies and cheeses to go on their pizzas. It shows when you taste it.

Johnny’s Pizza is a friendly, neighborhood spot for some great pizza and makes a super place to entertain family and friends. The pizza is spot-on and we’ve always gotten great service there. It’s a sure bet! Guten appetit!

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