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REVIEW: Jim ‘N Nick’s BBQ, Suwanee, Gwinnett

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There are few places in Atlanta that you can consistently find good food and Jim ‘N Nick’s is one of them. This Saturday night we were on the north side of town and decided on BBQ so I bee-lined the car to the Old Peachtree Road exit of I-85. While we normally favor the Conyers location because its closer to our home, I wanted to check out the Suwanee location to see if they were just as good as what we’d gotten used to at our regular location.

It was a late night getting started for us. I had spent my Saturday working in my home office and was still weary from an 11 hour day. I had both a light breakfast and a light lunch and I was about ready to knaw my arm off by the time we got to the restaurant.

If you haven’t ever been to Jim ‘N Nick’s, right off the rip they bring you these little cheese biscuits. Don’t be fooled – these little guys are about 125 calories each. OMG, did I say that out loud? Okay, I promise I won’t mention nutritional information anymore. You can go to for that but it will ruin a perfectly fine meal.

IMG_1242.croppedOn a brighter note, Melanie started ordering the Smoked Chicken a long time ago and when I began eating lighter earlier this year, I followed suit. We both ordered the Smoked Chicken and salads for starters. For a side, I got the mashed potatoes and gravy while Melanie chose the Macaroni & Cheese. We also got a pound of ribs to share.

The food was great and the service was excellent. That being said, they IMG_1243.croppedreally stepped on their own feet when they brought the meal out before the salads. Melanie sent hers back but the salads followed quickly and I was happy. We’ve never been disappointed with the salads. The salad has a nice mix and the dressing are always rich and full of flavor, not watery or tasteless like some restaurants. The entree salads are huge and make an excellent healthy dining choice.

Let me tell you something about this Smoked Chicken. It’s probably the best ever we’ve had anywhere. You can order it on-the-bone or off-the-bone. We always order on-the-bone because we believe you get more meat that way. There is no battle in getting to the meat, it falls right off the bone. The Smoked Chicken come with something they call Morgan County White Sauce. While it’s too spicy for Melanie, its got just the right amount of kick for me but on this night I hardly used it because the meat was so tender, juicy and flavorful it really wasn’t needed.


I wish I could say the same about the ribs, but we haven’t seen the same level of consistency with the ribs. Theoretically, it should be the same. The meat should be tender and juicy and should fall right off and leave a clean bone. If you find yourself knawing at the bone, the ribs have not been prepared properly. Sadly, it’s hit or miss and I’ve just avoided ordering the ribs at Jim ‘N Nick’s for this reason. On this night however, Melanie insisted and they were about a B+. The meat fell cleanly off the bone, but there were parts of the outer portions of the meat that were as tough as beef jerky.

We’re big fans of Jim ‘N Nick’s and visiting the Suwanee location was not a disappointment. We found great food and our server was spot-on in every request. If you’re OTP on the north side and in search of some awesome BBQ, stop in at Jim N’ Nick’s right off of I-85 and get a belly full. Guten appetit!

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