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REVIEW: Cue Barbecue, Norcross, Peachtree Corners, Gwinnett

IMG_1288.croppedBy now, y’all know that BBQ is an essential part of what we love. On a Friday, normally at work from home day, I found myself headed into the office to grab my iPad I forgot to bring home. Because traffic was light, I chose a different route than my normal path and spotted Cue Barbecue. It was a fortunate meeting for both of us.

Cue is a casual place like most BBQ places but they have a real shabby chic look to their restaurant. The staff is overwhelmingly nice and our server knew the answer to every question we asked.

Although it was crowded with large parties taking in a Friday lunch break from work, we were seated right away and was served some awesome Southern tea right off the rip. I went with my standard Pork Plate and Melanie chose the Smoked Chicken. For sides, we both chose the Brunswick Stew for one side.

Tomatoes & Cucumbers
Tomatoes & Cucumbers

Melanie chose fries for her other side and I wanted to try the Tomatoes and Cucumbers. The tomatoes and cucumbers are exactly what they say they are, but I would’ve thought that each would be diced. Instead the tomatoes are simply sliced and the cucumbers are cut into large manageable pieces. Covered generously in balsamic vinaigrette, it actually makes for both a healthy and tasty side.

Our meals arrived promptly and the sight was impressive. I had overheard the sauces explained so we opted out of a second explanation. The sauce in any BBQ place plays a major role, one that should complement the flavor of the meat and not overwhelm it.

  1. Kansas City – This is your traditional sweet BBQ sauce and it had a really great rich, bold taste. There was no kick to it whatsoever.
  2. South Carolina – Is a mustard-based sauce with just a little kick. This was my favorite for the meal although I did give each one of them a go.
  3. North Carolina – Is a vinegar-based brown sauce, very watery but great for dipping forkfuls of meat into.
  4. Hot sauce – This is just above a mild or a medium hot sauce and if you want some kick in the Q, this is the one to do it.


IMG_1293The Brunswick Stew didn’t work for us because it really strayed far off course of what we think of when we think of Brunswick Stew. It was definitely meaty enough but it was pulled pork rather than being ground. There was some corn and a few lima beans, but we felt it was far too light on the veggies for our tastes. Finally, the consistency was more of a soup than what we like in a Brunswick Stew.

IMG_1292Everything at Cue Barbecue is homemade and it really shows in the bread and the pickles. Melanie absolutely LOVED the bread. This is where most BBQ places fall short and Cue Barbecue hit it out of the park. The pickles are the bread and butter variety and I loved them and ate every one. These folks take “prep cook” to a whole new level and it  pays off.

Is this the coolest lighting fixture ever?
Is this the coolest lighting fixture ever?

The meat was prepared perfectly. Melanie though her Smoked Chicken needed a stronger smoky flavor and was a tad dry. My pulled pork was awesome and I couldn’t believe how much meat they served for a lunch platter.

Cue Barbecue served us up a pretty awesome lunch. We’re excited about returning for dinner one night and trying the ribs. If you’re in the Norcross/Peachtree Corners area, Cue Barbecue is a solid choice for lunch or dinner. The food’s great and the fall all over themselves taking care of you. You will NOT be disappointed. Guten appetit!

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