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REVIEW: BGR The Burger Joint, Atlantic Station, Midtown Atlanta

IMG_1181Saturday afternoon we had left the house late and decided to Google “best burger in Atlanta”. The paid ad for BGR The Burger Joint sealed the deal and we were off to one of our favorite spots in the ATL, Atlantic Station.

Parking at Atlantic Station is like eating at Farm Burger. When you get there, you’re thinking there’s no room for me, but it always seems to work out that I get a spot. I found a place right in front of BGR. Note that parking on the street you have to feed the meter $3. The other option is to valet park for $10 plus tip.

IMG_1183We checked out the menu on the board and decided to split a beef burger and also try the veggie burger. I also wanted to checkout the hot dog so we decided to split that and I ordered fries and Melanie ordered onion rings.

We ordered and got our drinks. They have a Coca-Cola Freestyle machine (which I love), and I got a Diet Coke Lime. Bad decision, it was horrible. I ended up with a Sprite Zero Cherry and it hit the spot.



Our food soon arrived and I cut both burgers in half with a knife. The fries were unimpressive and obviously dropped right out of the freezer bag and into the fryer. The same token, for $4 we got 5 onion rings of varying sizes from the size of your fist down to the size of a silver IMG_1186IMG_1189dollar.

The beef burger wasn’t bad but there was nothing that screamed “best burger in Atlanta” to me. Hey, it’s a $6 burger and you get exactly what you pay for. The veggie burger just tasted like a mouthful of rice. It was dry and devoid of any flavor. The hot dog was the redeemer here. Big, beefy and tasted like the grill. If you go to BGR The Burger Joint, get the hot dog.

BGR The Burger Joint isn’t bad, it’s average but who wants to eat average food? We want spectacular, right? The search continues. If you’re at Atlantic Station and looking for your typical burger, you might like BGR The Burger Joint. As for us, we’ll keep looking for something better. Guten appetit.

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  1. Marva
    March 10, 2017 at 2:01 pm

    Wish I had read your review before going there. Ordered a Turkey and they cooked it down to cord board, I had to search to find the 2 pieces of avocado ($1.49) and the Sweet potatoes fries, needed to be recooked.
    If you are looking for great or good burger, go find a real burger place!

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