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ROAD TRIP: Barnsley Gardens, Woodlands Grill, Adairsville GA

IMG_1082.smIMG_1100Less than two hours north of Atlanta near Adairsville, is a small resort called Barnsley Gardens. If you’re into golf or just looking for some weekend solitude, we think it’s pretty cool. We found this place while driving back from Cave Springs and it was raining. The gentle rain that day didn’t keep us from walking around and taking pictures but we’d been wanting to return. I decided to mix a little business with pleasure and check out The Woodlands Grill that afternoon also.

IMG_1073.smWhen we arrived, the temperature was 93° and I knew that although I didn’t feel the heat right away, I would by the end of our tour of the ruins. Barnsley Manor is the ruins of an antebellum home. Today, it plays host to weddings and other events. The boxwoods in the garden that exist today, were planted in the 1840s, twenty years before the Civil War began. We walked all over the gardens and the ruins taking pictures and by the time we left, we were ready to head to the car for some well-needed AC.

We drove around for a bit checking out the community and then went to the restaurant. When I walked in, I realized that my shirt was soaked and I looked like I had a bucket of water thrown on me. I’ll tell you one thing, the people there are very nice. We were greeted warmly by our hostess and our server greeted us right away with ice water and prepared to take our drink orders.

IMG_1112.smWe arrived between lunch and dinner so we ordered off the Lounge Menu which is a collection of wraps and sandwiches made to order. Melanie had the chicken salad wrap and the fruit cup. I chose the chicken salad sandwich, on toasted white bread with horseradish sauce, and the garlic fries. Our young guest ordered the Jack & Coke wrap which is chicken marinated in, you guessed it, Jack Daniels and Coca-Cola. She opted for a small side salad with ranch.

The view from the dining room out onto the golf course is nothing short of spectacular. It’s a very comfortable restaurant with a casual yet upscale feel. I felt better just getting out of the heat and my shirt was actually beginning to dry out when the food arrived.

IMG_1118IMG_1117The food was prepared as we had ordered and was very enjoyable. The chicken salad wasn’t complex. No grapes, raisins or anything weird in it. One nice thing was that it wasn’t shredded and it was nice and chunky. The garlic fries was not quite small enough to IMG_1116IMG_1115get named “shoestring fries” but they weren’t steak fries either. They were served right-out-of-the-fryer hot! The seasoning was not overdone and the fries were cooked perfectly. The Jack & Coke wrap was a hit as was the fruit cup (that everyone shared).

IMG_1121It was a very nice light lunch followed by a single Brownie Sundae we shared among the three of us. For such as simple dessert, it wasn’t cheap $12. Another “gotcha” that I almost missed when signing the check was they automatically add 18% gratuity to the bill. I didn’t notice that this was printed at the bottom of the menu. If I hadn’t caught it, I would’ve ended up tipping twice without knowing it.

All in all, it was a fantastic afternoon at Barnsley Resort. We had fun, in spite of the heat, and got some great pictures. The food was delightful and gave us time to cool down and rest before hitting the road to come home. It’s perfect for a day trip from Atlanta and would make a super weekend getaway. Guten appetit.

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