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Boneheads, Perimeter Mall, Dunwoody, Georgia

Boneheads, Perimeter Mall, DunwoodyOn a hot Saturday afternoon, Melanie and I made our way into Boneheads near Perimeter Mall. This was an unplanned visit and we’d never heard of the restaurant before. Yes, the name is eerily similar to to Bonefish where it’s easy to have things get pricey quickly but Boneheads is almost the exact opposite.

Boneheads is styled for fast-food but in a hip, trendy, urban setting. We’re always excited to find something new and we were looking for something exactly like Boneheads offers – something not too heavy, healthy and fast.

I ordered the tilapia sandwich. Melanie selected the mixed green salad with salmon. The prices were reasonable, the restaurant was clean, the service was great.

Mixed Green Salad with Salmon
Mixed Green Salad with Salmon
Tilapia Sandwich with Grilled Asparagus
Tilapia Sandwich with Grilled Asparagus

Melanie enjoyed her salad. The tilapia sandwich was really super. I especially enjoy the grilled asapargus. Asparagus is really easy to cook wrong. Undercooked it’s too tough, overcooked it starts to get soggy. This was done perfectly and carried forth a nice flavor from the grill. I thought the remoulade sauce was really good. Not sure if this was homemade or not. I’m guessing no, but it was a good selection.

I think this restaurant is going to be a hit if they can keep the consistency of the quality of the food and service where it was at on our visit. It’s perfect for a reasonably priced light and healthy meal. Guten appetit!
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