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GUEST POST: Vegetarians: Where to eat

Vegetarians: Where to eat

One of the problems with being a vegetarian, is the quality of the food prepared when you go out for a meal. If you can find a place with a vegetarian option at all. The trouble is, a lot of restaurants do not specialise in catering for those who don’t eat meat, so when they do attempt to vary the menu and include some options, the food is bland or unimaginative.

Don’t worry though. Spending your Saturday night doing your usual, playing FoxyBingo and catching up with the news, while your friends go out and have a nice meal, isn’t necessarily going to happen. There are places in Atlanta that cater to your tastes, you just have to know where they are hiding. Three places worth visiting are:

L’Thai Organic Cuisine & Wine Bar

Although tucked away inside a shopping centre off of Lawrenceville Highway, this restaurant has one of the widest selections of vegetarian dishes out there. It is a little on the expensive side, but it has the perfect balance between foods for the carnivorous, and foods for the vegetarian. Plus it is all organic. Every food option allows you to opt for tofu substitute, if you fancy it.

Green Sprout Vegetarian

Green Sprout is like every other Chinese take-out joint, if you were to replace everything on the menu with vegan and gourmet ingredients. There is nothing particularly fancy about the place. It is very much like any other Chinese place, but they cater for vegans without it feeling like an after thought. Great service, great price, fresh food that is well cooked. You don’t have to be vegan to enjoy it though.

Big Chow Grill

Formerly The Real Chow Baby, the restaurant changed into Big Chow Grill. Now they offer far more seafood and vegetarian options, with ingredients that are sourced locally. It is healthy too. Perfect for anyone who wants to dine out without feeling bloated later on.

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