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Transmetropolitan, Athens GA

If you’re in Athens and you want pizza on Friday night, you’d better get to Transmetropolitan early. If you don’t, you will experience mayhem like you never have. Fortunately, we started out VERY early for dinner (or maybe it was a late lunch) but we got there in time to grab one of the precious sidewalk tables and were able to enjoy a great meal together in this beautiful weather!

Melanie and I both started with side salads and WHAT A DEAL they are! For $3 you get a very nicely equipped mixed greens salad with the freshest ingredients! Really, really good stuff!


Melanie and I split a medium, which is 12”, and that was plenty. She chose veggie for her side, I went with the Sasquatch Hungryman which is the Transmetropolitan equivalent of a meat lover’s pizza.


This pizza was REALLY DYNAMITE! It reminded us a lot of Antico Pizza with it’s large, fresh, cut-large toppings yet it was served Americanized. We both still felt like Everybody’s Pizza edged it out on taste but it’s a totally different town and a totally different pizza! For Athens, Transmetropolitan rocked our world! Guten appetit!
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