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Rise-n-Dine, Emory Village, Decatur GA

Front Rise-n-DineYou’d better rise early if you want to dine at Rise-n-Dine or expect to wait! That being said, even if you have to wait, it’s worth it!

Parking is at a premium as are tables inside but I found a parking place at the rear of the building and came in the back entrance.

Rear entrance Rise-n-Dine

It was a Sunday afternoon and understandably crowded but we only waiting perhaps 25-30 minutes before we were seated. While we waited, the hostess brought us coffee and we had a great time chatting with our friends. Before we knew it, our table was available and we were ready to proceed with our meal.


From the very first time I entered Rise-n-Dine reminded me a whole lot of Early Girl Eatery in Asheville NC. I love the relaxed vibe that this place gives and it’s great atmosphere for a laid back relaxing meal.

One of the things I had heard about was the Polish Omelette. The description was potato-cheddar pierogies, kielbasa, onions, and cheddar cheese. topped with sour cream. (Yes, we went to Wikipedia to learn more about pierogies) I also asked for a side of house-made chicken sausage with hash browns and Melanie ordered a custom omelette with broccoli, tomato green peppers and extra cheddar cheese with a side of sage-quinoa grits and the biscuit w/ gravy.

IMAG1736 IMAG1737

Polish Omelette with house-made chicken sausage and hash browns

Omelette with a side of sage-quinoa grits and the biscuit w/ gravy.

Melanie felt her omelette was a little dry and wasn’t thrilled about the grits either. She also thought the chunks of broccoli should have been cut into smaller pieces. The biscuit with gravy was good but not out of this world, especially when compared to Park’s Edge.

The Polish Omelette was OUT OF THIS WORLD! I can’t recall ever having sour cream with eggs before, but combined with the onions and the pierogies it made something really, really special. You simply MUST try this! I also particularly enjoyed the hash browns. As you can see, the pieces of potato were big and perfectly done. The chicken sausage was slightly underwhelming especially after the big meaty chicken sausage links at Murphy’s, but it was still quite tasty.

We loved our brunch Rise-n-Dine. I thought it was a great value and it’s very kid-friendly if you want to bring the lil critters along. I consider it a MUST SEE on your list of Atlanta dining. Guten appetit!

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