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Murphy’s, Virginia-Highlands, Atlanta GA

We’ve got an updated review of Murphy’s, Apr 15 2016

Murphy’s wears Virginia-Highlands like a soldier wears medals. We absolutely LOVE this area of town for it’s charm and warmth and Murphy’s combines those attributes with a relaxing atmosphere and delicious food.

We had been hearing about the brunch, the weather was beautiful and it was a great day to be seated on the patio at Murphy’s. We’d been told to expect a 40 minute wait. TIP: You might be able to find a seat at the wine bar if you don’t want to stand for a long while. We found ourselves seated though in about 20 minutes.

IMAG1728The first thing brought to us was muffins and biscuits. The biscuits were some of the best we’ve had served for brunch, although still a notch shy of Mema’s goodness! What we did love was the strawberry preserves! I cannot remember the last time!


There is nothing quite as spectacular as Sunday afternoon in Atlanta enjoying brunch on the patio – especially on a “Spring” day in February! We had such a wonderful time chatting while we enjoyed our afternoon together.

The only thing that could’ve made this afternoon better was what awaited us.

I ordered the Corned Beef Hash with scrambled eggs and mustard horseradish sauce. Melanie chose the Linda’s Omelet with sauteed spinach, mushrooms and cheddar. I also felt like we had to try the Hashbrown potatoes and Chicken Sausage Links.




Friends, brunch doesn’t get much better than Murphy’s! Melanie loved her Linda’s Omelet . I thought the Corned Beef Hash was really spectacular and the mustard horseradish sauce was the perfect compliment to set off the flavor of the meat. The Chicken Sausage Links were a little greasy, could perhaps have been done just a bit more but were delicious none the less. The Hashbrown potatoes were done perfectly but the portion size left us feeling slighted. As you can probably surmise, this was QUITE a filling brunch and we were looking forward to visiting Oakland Cemetery and walk some of this off!

As is our custom when extraordinary service is provided, hats off to the staff of Murphy’s! We were treated like royalty from the moment we arrived by everyone we encountered. Everyone was very friendly and went out of their way to accommodate us in every way. This kind of attitude comes from the top down and is an excellent reflection upon the management team. Kudos!

Great food + excellent service + relaxing, comfortable place = bliss for brunch in the ATL making Murphy’s a MUST SEE on our list of Atlanta dining. Guten appetit!
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  1. […] start with brunch at Murphy’s…with a requisite Mimosa (they use fresh squeezed OJ — yum)  and maybe a glass or two […]

  2. […] start with brunch at Murphy’s…with a requisite Mimosa (they use fresh squeezed OJ — yum)  and maybe a glass or two […]

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