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BB’s Diner, Alpharetta GA

If you’ve never made it to New York, you can go to BB’s Diner and say you got pretty close. From the moment you walk in, you’d swear you were in an authentic New York diner – because YOU ARE! Two things you should be aware of: This is OTP in a BIG sort of way and 2) they close at 2pm EVERY DAY so plan accordingly.

BB’s Diner is known for it’s bagels, made fresh daily. The only thing more pronounced than the New York attitude seething from this place, is how GOOD these bagels are! BB’s Diner is the only hand-rolled kettle-boiled bagels in Atlanta.

Onion bagel with vegetable cream cheese
Wheat bagel with strawberry cream cheese
Wheat bagel with white cream cheese

If you REALLY want a great deal for breakfast and you’re absolutely STARVING, get the 3 egg omelet platter. This comes with a bagel, a 3 egg omelet done your way and a choice of either hash browned potatoes or grits.

1 egg scrambled, 1 egg sunny side up, sausage links and potatoes
Omelet with cheddar and ham with grits
Omelet with cheddar and sausage with potatoes

The omelets were good but not the best we’ve had. They were a little overdone and this took some of the flavor out of them. The potatoes win an A+ for uniqueness as they had a sauce they were cooked with which made them very moist and full of flavor.

It’s not really New York but the bagels are some of the best food just south of the Pine Barrens that you will ever put in your mouth. TIP: After you eat, order a bag of bagels to go! Guten appetit!

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  1. gmr
    April 15, 2011 at 6:27 pm

    great bagels at the 2nd location (the 1st on McFarland Rd..North Alpharetta)..good self service, but the only drawback is we could not order a lox & onion omelet..(or any omelet) on the Sunday am we were there. So it’s back to the McFarland Road locations (full service there also)

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