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Sprig Restaurant, Decatur GA


Fresh flowers at the bar of Sprig RestaurantWhen we arrived at Sprig, it was late but there were still diners waiting in line to be seated. We waited about 10-15 minutes and were seated at our table and had our beverages.


Sprig is a great homey, little place where one feels very comfortable right from the start. There’s almost a “Cheers” atmosphere where you expect them to know your name! There were even fresh flowers at the bar!

To get started, Melanie chose the Butternut Squash Soup and I went with the Fried Pickles. Melanie thought the soup was a little sweet, yet bland but a little salt and pepper quickly rectified that. She thought a pinch of garlic would have brought out a little more of the natural flavor. The Fried Pickles were really spectacular! They were lightly battered and the pickle slices were thick and juicy! The sauce was also really great and it wasn’t hot, so Melanie got to enjoy some too!

IMAG1637 IMAG1638
Butternut Squash Soup
Fried Pickles

For our entrées, Melanie had the Pan-Seared Chicken Breast and I chose the Lamb Stroganoff. Melanie thought the chicken was very nice but would have cut the wing bone off and plated it with a different side that had a little more color. She felt the grits were bland and lacked color as well as taste but she really enjoyed the Brussels Sprouts which she said were delicious!

IMAG1642 IMAG1640
Pan-Seared Chicken Breast with Grits and side of Brussels Sprouts
Lamb Stroganoff with a side of Mashed Potatoes

When they brought the Lamb Stroganoff out, I thought I’d been cheated. It just seemed like a very small portion size. I was SO wrong! About halfway through, I realized that I’d be lucky to finish it! It could’ve used a few more pieces of lamb and it was a little dry but I have a feeling that if I had arrived earlier in the evening this would not have been the case. The mashed potatoes were authentic but some brown gravy would’ve really topped it off nicely.

IMAG1643 Lastly, a meal at Sprig cannot be complete without the Chocolate Gooey Butter Cake. Oh my! Sinfully sweet and OH SO GOOD! You can’t miss it!

After such a wonderful meal, we easily understood how Sprig has such a following!

Chocolate Gooey Butter Cake with whipped cream and strawberries

If you haven’t guessed by now, we had a marvelous time at Sprig. With it’s casual yet vibrant atmosphere, excellent service and great food it HAS to be on your short list of Atlanta dining! Guten appetit!


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  2. kmor
    June 18, 2011 at 9:47 am

    I had the pleasure to chat with SPRIG’S Executive Chef, Chris Neff before dinner the other night. I found him to be very knowledgeable of his profession and very easy to talk to. Peppering Neff with questions about menu items I had not tasted before (and admittedly a little reluctant to try), convinced my wife and I and our visiting relatives from North Carolina to submit our taste buds to his capable hands. We were not disappointed.
    Chef Neff started us out with Alligator Fritters, Braised Soda Pork Cheeks, and Mozzarella Grit Cakes. We could have made a meal out of the group and found the alligator fritters so delectable that we had to order a second plate. The fritters are listed as spicy but the aioli is mild enough for anyone’s palette.
    The braised pork cheeks were delightful but didn’t elicit the OMG’s that the alligator fritters did and the mozzarella grit cakes can only be described as divine.
    It’s 23 miles from our house to SPRIG and my wife swears by the meatloaf. Says it’s the best she has ever eaten. (Sorry mom, maybe Chef Neff will give you the recipe). For my wife’s sister, who loves a well made pork chop, Chef Neff assured us that the pork chops they were now serving were cooked and seasoned exactly as she had described to be the perfect chop. Thick, juicy, perfectly seasoned, melt in your mouth. Oh ya, the best pork chop she had the pleasure to eat.
    Phyllis, who describes herself as a very finicky fish eater, ordered the fish of the day known as wreckfish. Yep, that’s its official name and is hard to get. Lucky for Phyllis that SPRIG had one left to cook. A delicate sweet tasting white fish that you definitely need to try when it’s in season again. Pared with zucchini squash, roasted tomatoes and a lemon-thyme oil, made the catch of the day a definite hit at our table.
    Last but not least, yours truly gave in and ordered the Crispy Duck Breast. Last time I had duck was at a restaurant that began with a W and it was very tough so I was very reluctant to try SPRIGS. True to his word, Chef Neff’s duck creation was very tender and tasty. The sherry wine sauce and baby carrots a perfect complement to the duck breast. If you read the menu you’ll see that the duck also comes with brussel sprouts. I don’t know about you but for me brussel sprouts are one of the few vegis that my mom couldn’t get me to eat as a kid. Sorry to say but I still can’t stand the little cabbages. Nice try though. Mom would applaud your effort and surely cut me some slack ’cause I at least tried them.
    All in all, the evening’s meals were some of the best we have ever eaten. The raves and thank you’s that our relatives gave us for taking them to such a fine restaurant made my day. Thank you SPRIG and thank you Chef Chris Neff for making our dining experience so memorable.

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