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Park’s Edge, Atlanta GA

It was a beautiful, sunny Sunday afternoon. Even more beautiful since it had been raining all week and everyone was ready to get out of the house and have some fun. For us, that meant Park’s Edge for brunch!

While I generally always call and attempt to make a reservation (fewer and fewer restaurants seem to be allowing this) but I failed to do this for this occasion. Hey, it’s Sunday brunch – expect to wait. We were initially told 10 minutes. No, I did not believe her either. We waited about 40 minutes to be seated. There is no waiting area – simply a hall that connect the main dining area to the bar. Diner’s waiting to be seated are directly in the way of food moving out of the kitchen and drinks moving from the bar to the dining room. Logistically, it’s a nightmare. The good news? Once you get past this point it’s all downhill.

IMAG1589 IMAG1590
Dining Room

We started with beverages. For those who imbibe, they have $10 all-you-can-drink Mimosas and Bellinis. It was a special offer accepted by many. Once you get to your table, the pace slows. You can dine at your leisure. The servers are working their tails off. Hey, you think you can relax and enjoy this? Geez, we sure did.

I ordered an omelet with spinach and mushrooms served with home fries. Melanie also ordered an omelet but hers was a full veggie with peppers and the works served with grits and chicken sausage.

One word – INCREDIBLE! Man, this food was some of THE best that we’ve ever enjoyed. The omelets weren’t dried out – they were perfectly cooked and the ingredients were just awesome. The home fries were cut into about one inch cubes (remember we had experienced home fries cut in smaller chunks that tend to be overcooked) and cooked to perfection.

IMAG1593 IMAG1591
IMAG1592 The biscuits smothered with chicken sausage gravy can only be described as “just south of heaven”. I’m firmly convinced that anyone in their right mind would crawl across an asphalt parking lot in a Georgia July midday sun on their bare knees over broken glass to taste this. Enough said!

Totally unbeknownst to him, we had the good fortune of meeting Chef Jorge while waiting for our table. We found him to be very pleasant, personable and a gracious host. He had absolutely ZERO idea of who we were and he was just as kind as could be. he really made an effort to greet diners while they waited and was in full command of all aspects of the restaurant the entire time we were there.

Atlanta, there is a brunch god and his name is Chef Jorge – come and pay homage. Guten appetit!

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  1. […] I really wished I had gotten the grits because Melanie really loved hers. We both had flashbacks of Park’s Edge when we tried the sausage gravy. While it wasn’t quite as spicy as Park’s Edge Chicken Sausage […]

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