ROAD TRIP: Franklin, Highlands, Cashiers NC

We wanted to start the New Years out with a bang but certainly didn’t want to deal with the crowds and we wanted to spend some time together before school starts for me again and life gets hectic again. We were invited by some friends to spend New Years Eve at their cabin in Franklin, NC and we decided to go.

Please enjoy our mini-reviews and the pics and videos that follow! We want to wish each of you a happy, prosperous and blessed New Year! Guten appetit!


Gazebo Cafe on Urbanspoon Soups and sandwiches are above average! Parking was horrible… Pepsi products (hating it – welcome to NC).
Fat Buddies Ribs & BBQ on Urbanspoon Decent BBQ, sides were disappointing.
Buck's Coffee Cafe on Urbanspoon Great atmosphere! Super coffee and desserts – this is what Starbucks wants to be!
Carolina Smokehouse, Inc. on Urbanspoon I consider this my favorite BBQ in the world – this day however, it disappointed me. Tips: sit in the main dining area, get the mild sauce (even if you like hot) and order the homemade onion rings (to die for!).


IMAG1354 IMAG1355
IMAG1356 IMAG1364
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IMAG1371 IMAG1373

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