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We were just coming off a mixed experience with Marietta Diner so we both were a little skittish about even trying OK Café once we learned it was a diner but take heart, dear readers, another jewel has been discovered.

First, be prepared to wait. The good news? There is order – not chaos. Even with a full after-church rush, we were seated in twenty-five minutes which I think is entirely acceptable.

Next, if you want breakfast/brunch get there so you can be seated before 2pm when they STOP serving breakfast items (they put the brakes on HARD).

Lastly, there is PLENTY of parking so drop your gal off at the door and get your name on the list while you park the car and hike back.

IMAG1397For starters, we ordered some iced tea (above par, I might add) and some of the homemade onion rings. These were not at all like I had envisioned. They were shaved and lightly battered. Only one word can describe them – “addictive”!

They have a great selection and after a bit of questioning our server about various menu items when had made our choices. Melanie wanted to try the chicken pot pie and I went with the crab cakes (we’ve both been abstaining from red meat recently).

IMAG1398 IMAG1399

Melanie chose the squash soufflé and green beans to accompany her chicken pot pie which comes served in a bowl with a large pastry puff served on top. She thought the chicken pot pie was second only to Local Three and the sides were equally delicious. I loved the crab cakes and I suspect the tartar sauce was homemade also. The potato salad and mac-n-cheese were out of this world.

While we managed to avoid dessert, we couldn’t help but notice the artwork and suggest you should also be treated to it as well. Like the food though, you’ll enjoy it more in person! Guten appetit!




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