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America’s Top Dog, Chamblee GA

America’s Top Dog has been on our Foursquare to-do list for quite some time. The last hot dog place we reviewed was a horrible disappointment and I was dreaming on a great hot dog topped with sauerkraut and spicy brown mustard while we drove there.

IMAG1386 IMAG1390

When we arrived, we were greeted by a man I could only assume was the owner. He had spotted us as first-time customers and proceeded to educate us about the menu. What was revealed to us is that their menu embodies how hot dogs are eaten not only around the U.S., but around the world. For instance, I learned that my favored combination is the New York Coney Island style.

Once your dog is done though, it’s up to you to put on the garnishments so if you want to start with a particular style the recommendations are there and then you can veer off the beaten path on your own.

IMAG1392Just about anything you can imagine to put on a hot dog is available to you. The dogs are pure beef and GRILLED (applause is appropriate). The guy is from NY/NJ or some Northern state and he has hot dogs DONE RIGHT!


IMAG1394You may notice the HUGE portion of homemade french fries (skin on, yes it’s okay if you applaud again). WOW!

Melanie went crazy with the garnishments (as you can see!) but she really enjoyed her dog.


IMAG1393Two things she brought up:

1) She thought the casing was a little tough. Folks this isn’t your supermarket Oscar Mayer hot dog so there will be a casing that is somewhat unexpected to some.

2) The other thing she pointed out was how much better it would have been had the bun been steamed and served hot. IMAG1391Yes, we’d have hit hot dog nirvana at that point.

I found some horseradish spicy brown mustard and the sauerkraut had a bite that took my breath away. THIS folks, is the way hot dogs should be. We pondered for a while why there’s a hot dog stand on every corner in NYC but in ATL you couldn’t find one to save your life!?!

Whoever is handling the social media for this place is also doing a bang-up job. Check out the sign when you exit urging diners to go to Urbanspoon and vote that they LIKE IT – we definitely will! Guten appetit!

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  1. January 16, 2011 at 10:28 am

    Thank you Randy and Melanie for reviewing America’s Top Dog! We do work very hard daily to provide our customers a quality product in a clean & relaxed atmosphere. As I tell people we like to think we take
    the All-American Hot Dog (or Frankfurter as I like to say)to a new dimension. I would agree that some folks here aren’t used to a natural casing dog but that 99.9% love them once they try them (we’ve had only 1 customer verbally tell us we really didn’t like them) One other comment. Whereas we do steam our regular hot dog buns (used for the Original Top Dogs), the Torpedo & Bolillo rolls that came with yours are not. They are special rolls baked daily to our specifications and steaming them alters their consistency and taste, we feel in a negative way Occasionally, a customer will ask us to steam theirs, which we gladly do. And for the record, I am from New York where I would spend weekends at my grandfather’s luggage store on Coney Island (2 blocks from the origninal Nathan’s) Yes, whenever I got a Quarter in my hands, I,d run over there and have a dog with spicy brown mustard and sauerkraut and a soda. And 50 years later, this is still how I like to eat them!

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