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Local Three Kitchen & Bar, Atlanta, GA


We had dropped some family off at the airport on a Sunday afternoon and were heading back through town when we stopped at Local Three Kitchen & Bar  for their brunch.

Local Three is located on Northside Drive within a very nice set of office buildings and if not for the breadcrumb-like signs it’s doubtful we would have ever found this gem of a restaurant regardless of being at the address. Fortunately, someone’s utter genius realized that without additional signage we could not have found our way but their signs lead us right to the door and to true culinary bliss.

We arrived at 2:15pm (brunch closes at 3pm) so we had plenty of time and we were completely unaware that “brunch” meant we would be allowed to enter the kitchen for the buffet (NOTE: This privilege is only available for brunch). Few restaurants would ever allow patrons in their kitchen but Local Three treats their kitchen as a gem they LOVE to show off. Rightly so! The kitchen was a leftover from JOEL and cost the original owners over 4 million dollars! It is indeed a sight to be seen and experienced so we must recommend that, if at all possible, diners visit Local Three for brunch first (we are looking forward to dinner there soon!).

IMAG1323 IMAG1325

We started off with traditional breakfast foods – scrambled eggs, made-on-premises sausage, grits, muffins, french toast and a delicious tomato bisque. The tomato bisque was a total surprise as it was not a heavy tomato taste that one would normally expect from a tomato soup. It was a delicious compliment to the eggs and grits. The best part, as previously stated, was being able to go into the kitchen and WATCH your eggs get cooked right before your eyes!


Our ravenous cravings now subsided it was time to move on to the “lunch” part of brunch!


I made a beeline towards to the pan-seared Georgia mountain trout cooked in a brick oven right before your eyes. I must also confess I enjoyed very much chatting with the line cooks who took such pride in their work and made every effort to ensure that our food IMAG1328was cooked precisely to our liking. The fish was absolutely delicious, light, flaky and flavorful to the last bite.

Next on the agenda was the steak medallions – grilled right in front of you (of course, you get the picture by now, right?) The brussel sprouts IMAG1329accompanying the steak were like none other! Grilled and seasoned to perfection, they could make a believer out of George Bush!

I also had to try the chicken pot pie served in an miniature cast iron pot. Melanie said it best – one could come and dine simply on the chicken pot pie and leave satisfied. Of course, we didn’t – we dined on everything we could sink our teeth into.

I should also add that at $18.95/person that we thought this was a GREAT value and one you should DEFINITELY NOT MISS!

By the time dessert came around, we barely managed to try some of the delightful chocolate mousse pie and it was absolutely to-die-for!

I also MUST add that our server, and please forgive me I forgot to catch her name, she was WONDERFUL beyond words. In fact, all of the staff bent over backwards (without knowing us from Adam) to be friendly, made us feel at home and gave us all kinds of additional information about the food, the restaurant, the chefs – whatever we asked about, each person answered with pride as if each was an owner themselves.

When I was on Twitter this past week I was tweeting back and forth with a gentleman who exclaimed that a particular restaurant was closest to heaven on earth. Well, my friends, Local Three must be the first stop inside the Pearly Gates. It is an experience you simply CANNOT, CANNOT, CANNOT miss when dining in Atlanta. Guten appetit!

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