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Bocado, West Midtown, Atlanta, GA


IMAG1319We arrived at Bocado early, which is our custom, and were seated promptly. We soon had refreshments and were looking over the menu. The menu is not simple – rather it is like a treasure to be explored. We took our time and asked questions until we both were satisfied with our selections. Our server, Christine, accommodated us in every way. I would be remiss is adding that the entire staff made an effort to make us feel at home there. Trendy, yes – elitist, no. Bocado was soon full of guests and quite a few larger parties. Many there seemed to be regulars, which always states good things for any restaurant.

We relaxed over some toast and artisinal cheese appetizers while we discussed our day and talked about the plethora of trendy restaurants in West Midtown and the revitalization of that area. The cheese was quite delightful.

IMAG1320 IMAG1321

Melanie chose the grilled chicken breast and a side salad. We both were surprised at the large portion size and how well seasoned the meat was.

I chose the pasta, Italian sausage and spinach. While I could’ve enjoyed a larger portion size, the flavor of the meal was excellent. The peppers included were complimentary yet not overpowering and the vegetables and the meat were paired perfectly.

We enjoyed our time at Bocado and if you’re in West Midtown and are looking for “trendy”, you cannot go wrong with Bocado. We should say however, that “trendy” does not come cheap. Although there are “small plates” on the menu, don’t expect to NOT drop a good chunk of change when you visit. We think though that Bocado, while maybe not giving you a great return on your bang-for-your-buck, certainly deserves a MUST SEE on your list of Atlanta dining.

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    Yeah, I think so. I don’t care how much time it saves, I don’t want to drive through the ghetto and have crack heads pounding on my windows or see hookers on the corner. I’d prefer to go out of the way and be safe.

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