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Yeah! Burger, Virginia-Highlands, Atlanta, GA


Yeah! Burger is another of the many gourmet burger joints popping up around town but we think it should be named WOW! Burger instead. THIS PLACE IS VERY GOOD!

IMAG1210Like most of the other top places in town, expect a line. They follow the trendy seating method of first come, first seated. We were concerned about finding a table when while we were standing in line but after we ordered a table was there! LESSON LEARNED: RELAX! Tables turn quick and there is plenty of communal seating.

Melanie particularly liked the BUILD-A-BURGER concept. We were disappointed that we couldn’t do this at FLIP Burger Boutique. We both chose the beef burger (TIP: If you want your burger more on the “well-done” side, just ask!), Melanie went with the Fifty/Fifty which is half fries and half onion rings. I HAD to have the fried pickles. We decided to also share one of the hot dogs because we are hot dog nuts!

IMAG1211 IMAG1212
IMAG1213 IMAG1214

Yes, there may be a lot of gourmet burger places in town but Yeah! Burger is at the top of the list. The food was flavorful and delicious. The staff was friendly, helpful and was always on top of things. DAGGONE, you HAVE TO try Yeah! Burger – no IFs, ANDs or BUTs. Period. Guten appetit!


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  1. December 12, 2010 at 7:10 pm

    The critical issue with “Yeah” Burger, at least the Howell Mill location, is that they were unable to cook medium or medium rare meat, generally leaving the meat well done. I haven’t tried the VH location and may not be very adventurous until after the Christmas holidays, but if you can get past that objection, then I thought the rest of the experience at YB@HM was decent.

    That they are in VH didn’t surprise me. YB seemed too chain like when I visited the original.


  2. December 13, 2010 at 6:19 am

    Funny you mention that because that was one of the things we discussed while writing the review was Melanie’s burger was a tad under done for her. I thought mine was about medium, she prefers medium well. Although the don’t ask how you’d like it done (probably because it would slow up the process), you can request it done however you like. This was our first exposure to YEAH! Burger so I cannot say anything in reference to the Howell Mill location though. And generally, we do not review multiple locations however, we may give FLIP another try at the Buckhead location.

  3. […] were talking about how to take something "gourmet" and make it blow up. How do you take a YEAH! Burger, a FLIP Burger Boutique or any genre for that matter and make it big BUT make it right – so […]

  4. Beil
    December 10, 2013 at 12:01 pm

    Yeah! Burger? How about….no burger!

    While bicycling on a beautiful Sunday afternoon in Virginia Highlands, my wife and I decided to grab a bite to eat. We surveyed the area in hopes of finding something delicious, different and unique to try. Yeah! Burger was directly across the street from us, so we decided, why not give it a shot. My wife order a veggie burger and fries and I ordered a beef burger and fries. The atmosphere was nice…there was a celebration taking place on the corner lot…many people eating, celebrating, and enjoying the weather. After a short wait, our food arrived. I noticed the couple directly to the right of me looking at me in a curious, yet concerned way. I glanced at his burger that appeared to be crumpled in a gelatinous mass on the table in front of him. I should have taken that as a sign to proceed at my own risk, nonetheless I proceeded. My burger was wrapped in a paper wrapper that oozed with a brown liquid. My first thought was that it may be some type of special sauce; special it was indeed. My wife’s veggie burger looked interesting, although not the veggie consistency that she is used to, she prepared her burger the way she likes. While eating, we discussed the food’s taste laughing about us being food snobs and professing that what we were eating was nothing special and that the Vortex burgers were much better. We finished our meals, jumped back on our Treks, and headed home. Thirty minutes later, I became extremely hot and ill. My stomached felt as if it was going to explode and explode it did. I became so sick that I had to miss a day of work just to recover from dehydration. My wife also experienced symptoms of food poisoning, she too became ill. One thing is for certain, we will never consume anything from Yeah! Burger again, nor will we recommend the place to anyone! Luckily for whomever is reading my post, you are receiving the hint that I should have taken from the couple next to us. YOU HAVE BEEN WARNED!

  5. December 10, 2013 at 12:09 pm

    Great post and thank you!

    I always try to make a habit of really examining the food I eat. Sounds like you had some early indicators something was amiss.

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