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TASTING: High road, Craft Ice Cream and Sorbet

Just one of the many benefits of life as a food critic is being invited to exclusive events such as a launch party. It was an occasion such as this that put me at the headquarters of High Road on a gorgeous Sunday afternoon. I had hooked up with @HunterThornton on Twitter and he had begun telling me about their premium gourmet ice cream and sorbet which they are offering to fine dining establishments. As an official dessert NUT, let me assure you dear readers, I was going crazy to try this stuff!

IMAG0980 IMAG0977

Surrounded by family, friends, investors and yours truly the party began in high style with champagne being offered to kick things off and then it was straight to the good stuff! Although skewers of beef and pork were offered, Miss Melanie had a steaming hot bowl of low country boil impatiently awaiting my return so I knew I mustn’t dawdle.

IMAG0978 IMAG0979

I tried a flavor that Keith, the “Mad Scientist” is what they call him (REALLY!), called “Brown Sugar”. It wasn’t brown but it was OH SO GOOD! Rich and creamy does not describe the pure decadence which entered my mouth. It was simply luxurious!

I hope to get together with this great group of folks again so we can really do a full tasting of the entire line in short time. Until then, chefs and other people in the business should contact Hunter to get this on your menu soon. Guten appetit!



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