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ROAD TRIP: key largo Conch House, Key Largo, FL


We reached Key Largo just as dusk was setting and feeling quite melancholy knowing this would be our last meal in the Florida Keys for this trip.

Our spirits were lifted upon entering Key Largo Conch House. If you didn’t read our post on Boondock’s, you should read about what a conch is (pronounced KONK). While I didn’t feel like I was ready for any more conch this trip, we were both quite hungry and found we had come to the right place.

Key Largo Conch House is rated #1 in Key Largo for fine dining and we soon realized why. Everything was very, very good! The service was excellent, the food was plentiful and flavorful and we had a most excellent meal. Unfortunately, there were many diners when we arrived and this precluded us from taking pictures inside.

I had the Mahi Mahi, blackened. Melanie ordered the fried shrimp and we both had salads to go with the meal. Many times we judge a lot about the salad by the dressing. Cheap, watered-down dressing can make the best salad horrid. While dressing alone cannot make bad lettuce good, a quality salad dressing can accentuate a proper salad into something quite nice.

Our meal was excellent. The shrimp were fresh, not heavily battered and out-of-this world. The Mahi Mahi was cooked to perfection and the portions were plentiful. Key Largo Conch House is a MUST SEE! Guten Appetit!

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