Flying Biscuit Café, Candler Park, Atlanta GA


We were looking for a place for brunch after church and found Flying Biscuit Café on Gayot and it sounded great! Little did I know what awaited us!

Be prepared to WAIT! Not long, but we did wait 10-15 minutes to be seated and parking is scarce! I was getting anxious, hoping Flying Biscuit Café would live up to it’s reputation.

Once we were seated, we soon had our drinks and placed our orders swiftly. Melanie ordered a mocha and loved it! The service is excellent!

I would be remiss if I did not mention that Flying Biscuit Café is really a charming little place. Brightly colored murals decorate the walls, the rooms are bright and it’s got a very friendly, comfortable atmosphere. We loved it!

IMAG1006 IMAG1011


Melanie and I both chose the Piedmont Omelette which is three eggs stuffed with their signature chicken sausage, turkey bacon, sautéed onions, and cheddar cheese served with “creamy dreamy” grits. While this was their description of the grits, it is dead-on accurate.

Our young guest selected the Egg-Stravaganza that is two eggs, chicken sausage, turkey bacon, creamy dreamy grits, plus whole wheat French toast topped with raspberry sauce and honey crème anglaise.

Of course, all entrees come with their namesake biscuit.

If you are not from the South and are not familiar with grits, don’t get used to these. Man, these grits are LIKE NO OTHER that you will ever eat. It was the first thing I tasted and I fell in love at first bite! I’ve been eating grits ever since I wore short pants to church and let me assure you – I have never eaten better grits in my life than I did on this afternoon! The omelette was top-notch as well – stuffed with meat and DEElicious! The chicken sausage was just-right spicy and tasted fantastic. The flagship biscuits are hearty and really a treat with their homemade apple butter. Oh, and that French toast? Yep, to die for!

IMAG1010 IMAG1009
IMAG1008 IMAG1007

I also took the liberty of ordering a side of hash browns (doubly fantastic) an extra biscuit and an extra side of chicken sausage.Yes, more food than mortal man deserves but we were in absolute heaven at Flying Biscuit Café !

If you cannot tell by what you’ve read thus far… WE LOVE Flying Biscuit Café and you MUST, I repeat, MUST stop there for breakfast or brunch. Guten appetit!

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Flying Biscuit Cafe on Urbanspoon

Flying Biscuit Cafe on Urbanspoon

Flying Biscuit Cafe on Urbanspoon

Flying Biscuit Cafe on Urbanspoon

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