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ROAD TRIP: Moon river Brewing Company, Savannah, GA

piratefest We’d spent the better part of the afternoon out on Tybee Island for PirateFest, and we had come seeking a good meal prior to retiring for the evening.

Moon River Brewing Company is on Bay Street in the thick of the tourist district. The on-street parking is scare to non-existent but there is a convenient public parking garage just around the corner on Whitaker Street. Don’t be fooled by the gentlemen just down the street who will allow you to park for a meager $10 when you can park in the garage and pay just $4 for the length of your meal.

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 Moon River Brewing Company has an active micro-brewery on-site and thus your primary focal point is the small bar (which seems much larger) when you enter. Don’t be fooled, Although the first impression is that you walked into a bar, the restaurant is quite large and on this evening was hosting multiple private parties in addition to accommodating many, many guests. Congratulations, to the bride and groom on their nuptials as well as the unique idea of a toga party for a rehearsal dinner!

We’d been to Moon River Brewing Company on an earlier trip this year but did not write a formal review so we wanted to visit on this trip. At first we were seated under a stairwell which proved to be far too dark for us. Then we moved under this painting of two ships blasting away and we once again felt the pirate spirit come alive. (click to view in more detail)

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We started off with a crab cake appetizer which didn’t exactly arrive as an appetizer. Our server did a great job complying with every request and promptly fulfilling each but we finally came to the conclusion the problem we had resided in the kitchen.

One of our pet peeves is the proper order and timing of each course. The guest should be allowed sufficient time to savor and enjoy a particular course before the next arrives. This was not the case at Moon River Brewing Company this evening.

Our first arrival was Melanie’s salad which was ordered as a side item to the entree. Normally, I would think salads would come prior to the meal and after the appetizer, but when ordered as a replacement for a side item, it should come with the meal unless otherwise specified.

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The appetizer arrived sometime later and before I had even garnished my silverware the meal arrived. Melanie had ordered the burger with gouda cheese potatoes and I ordered the Buffalo Chicken Wrap with fries. Melanie love the gouda potatoes which I thought were quite tasty as well. The fries were just POF (plain old fries). Really?

Our server only had a few miscues. #1 failing to offer ketchup, mustard and mayo upon presentation of the burger. #2 failing to make sure our drinks were full when the meal arrived. In both cases the situation was quickly rectified but should never have presented itself in the first place.

All in all, the food was good, the service was excellent, and the kitchen was probably chaos that night. Still, we think Moon River Brewing Company is a good choice when you’re in Savannah and garners a MUST SEE. Guten appetit!

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