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Ippolito’s, Suwanee, GA


Ippolito’s is right in the heart of Suwanee’s Town Center is truly in a prime location. We got there after spending the better part of our afternoon at Taste of Atlanta and we were not up the the huge meal which awaited us.

We had planned to go elsewhere for coffee and dessert afterwards so we were trying to watch how much we ate. At Ippolito’s it was hard!

First and foremost, the portions are generous. We could have probably shared a plate but we’d have missed taking some home which, to me, always tastes better the next day.

IMAG0942For starters, our server brought us a bountiful basket of bread rolls. To say these were good is an understatement. Think of big cinnamon rolls without the cinnamon and you’re really close. With a little marinara sauce, we were in food bliss. Careful not to indulge in too much bread, we progressed to the salad. Melanie chose the traditional garden salad with bleu cheese while I opted for a Cesar salad. (Alas, no thousand island…)

IMAG0943 IMAG0944

I chose the Chef’s special of the day which happened to be shrimp and sea scallops with a creamy lobster sauce. Melanie opted for the chicken alfredo with a side of meatballs.

IMAG0945 IMAG0946

Melanie and I had a disagreement on the marinara. She thought it should’ve been sweeter. I preferred the rich tomato flavor and thought it was really awesome although it did have a little bite/zing to it that I particularly enjoyed.

Melanie thought that the alfredo sauce was too bland and could’ve benefited from a pinch or two of garlic. In fact, she thought all the sauces were a bit bland.

One thing we did agree on was that Ippolito’s is a great little place that deserves a place on your list of Atlanta dining. The service is great, the food is well-prepared and we had a very enjoyable meal. Guten appetit!

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