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Casa Mia, Athens, GA


Coming to Athens on a Friday night in the fall must be carefully timed. If you happen to come on a weekend the Dawgs are in town, everything is very crowded. We took advantage of the Bulldogs playing in Jacksonville this weekend and decided to drive out to The Classic City.

I must say that Casa Mia was not our first selection and, in retrospect, we should’ve waited in line to be seated at the restaurant we came there for.

IMAG0967The staff was very pleasant and answered all of our questions about the menu even before we were seated and assured Melanie that not everything was spicy. We were seated right away with refreshments and some fried plantains and an incredible dipping sauce.


Melanie always loves queso dip so I had to try the Casa Mia version. We were a little dismayed by how watery it was and thought that once it cooled down that it would get thicker. Unfortunately, it did not and although we like the taste and flavor of the queso, this left us disappointed.

Melanie chose the fajitas and I selected the chicken quesadillas. The atmosphere is great and we had a wonderful time talking and sharing about our day with each other before the meal arrived.

IMAG0969 IMAG0970

Melanie was less than thrilled with her fajitas and fries. I could say the same for my rice and quesadillas. One particularly unsavory part was when I would bite into a fresh quesadilla, water/juice would drain out. I can only surmise that the chicken was not cooked to order and they use water to keep it from sticking to the warmer and failed to drain it properly when serving. People – please! The rice was bland and did not have much flavor. I was also less than charmed when the rice is served by what appeared to be an ice cream scooper. Oh my…

Casa Mia is not a bad choice, but it was just okay. Gentle readers, you deserve more than mediocre when you pay good money for a meal. In our opinion you deserve the best. We’d suggest you pass on Casa Mia and try one of the many other restaurants in town. Guten appetit.

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  1. Sean
    November 4, 2010 at 6:25 pm

    I have been to Casa Mia several times, and have had a wonderful experience every time. I go there for the ceviche, but some of my other favorites include the latin sushi roll and lamb lollipops. Unfortunately, it seems like what they ordered is not representative of what the restaurant’s theme is all about.
    I’ve always thought a food critic should have a wide palate, and also try dishes that the restaurant is known for.

  2. […] come here before but the wait was well over an hour and sadly we chose to go across the street to Casa Mia instead. After that experience, we promised ourselves we would ALWAYS wait it out – no matter how […]

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