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Antico Pizza Napoletana, West Midtown, Atlanta GA


We’d been waiting to try out Antico Pizza Napoletana for weeks. It’s highly rated on Urbanspoon and we were just itching for check out the place for ourselves.

We arrived after 2pm on a Saturday afternoon and both parking and seating were hard to come by. We found both however and we were ready to get started.

Well, for starters, Antico Pizza Napoletana is not a place for you if you want American-style pizza in a traditional setting like you are probably used to. The menu is entirely in Italian which we love for it’s authenticity but I really like to be able to read the menu without requiring a translator. You order and then sit down in a communal-like fashion. Trendy and European yes, but when a restaurant is crowded I think most guests prefer to be seated by a staff member rather than worry about fending for themselves. There are tip jars placed around the restaurant but I wouldn’t know why since you are not provided any service which warrants gratuity.

NOTE: Drinks are an absolute rip-off. No fountain drinks mean no free refills and cokes are sold in the new aluminum 8oz bottles for $2.50 a pop. Regulars bring their own beer and wine in (a practice which I wasn’t even aware was legal).

Cutlery is plastic, no plates are provided. For napkins, you ripoff pieces off a big brown roll that looks as if had been swiped from a gas station bathroom. Yes, it’s casual… perhaps TOO casual for us.

The pizza arrived on a big cooking tin and came much earlier than I ever expected considering the restaurant was at capacity at the time.


This is was NOT your traditional American pizza and it was quite good. Not great, however, but good. Gone were the marinara sauce base, finely sprinkled mozzarella cheese and ground sausage. Chunky tomatoes and big pieces of sausage abounded.

For the pizza purist, we think you will LOVE Antico Pizza Napoletana. If you’re more of an American traditionalist, you might be disappointed. However, Antico Pizza Napoletana rates high on our list of MUST SEE Atlanta restaurants.

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