QR CODES: A new feature on Atlanta-Food-Critic.com

You may have noticed the goofy, little, barcode-like boxes at the bottom of our reviews over the last several weeks and were wondering what they were and why they are there.

QR codes (read more about them at http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/QR_codes) are nifty things you can scan with your smartphone for all sorts of cool things. (Need a QR Reader for your smartphone? Try http://getQRreader.com) The QR code below is our contact information in vCard format so you can easily add us as a contact to your phone.

On Atlanta-Food-Critic.com we use them to load GPS coordinates into your phone. This way, when you are reading a review and decide you’d like to go there, you can just scan the code and then use the GPS on your phone to navigate your way to the restaurant. Pretty cool, huh?

We hope that our readers will find this feature useful and make it easier for you to find the restaurants we’ve reviewed. Guten Appetit!

Randy & Melanie

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