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Highland Tap, Virginia-Highlands, Atlanta, GA


Highland Tap is renowned as a long-time player on the Atlanta dining landscape and we chose this warm Saturday evening to visit. The sign on the door says “Steak Cellar” and it’s certainly appropriate. When you descend down the stairs, you can feel the temperature shift downwards and the low ceilings help accentuate the “cellar” feel.

We were seated promptly and had our drinks fairly quickly but two things caught our attention. 1) The place is DARK. We couldn’t even read the menus without assistance from our cell phone flash LEDs. I understand lighting and ambience, but this made it impossible to order without additional lighting. No, were weren’t the only ones. We saw another couple do the exact same thing we did. 2) The restaurant is in close proximity to the bar (explains the name, huh?) and the noise from the college football on the TVs wafted into the dining room so that conversation was difficult amidst the low undercurrent of the games. Once we got settled however, dinner progressed smoothly and things picked up quickly.

IMAG0626We started out with a Spinach & Artichoke Dip appetizer.  Let me assure you – TOTALLY AWESOME! Served with toasted bread, it was absolutely delightful. Most placed serve this with tortilla chips and the bread made all the difference in the world.

We both didn’t feel like a big steak, although this would be a great place to enjoy one, so we both decided on the 10oz. Highland Tap Burger. Melanie ordered hers Well and I ordered my Medium. We both asked for a mixture of onion rings and fries.

IMAG0628 IMAG0629

The burgers were cooked perfectly and OH SO GOOD! Meat lovers – this is THE PLACE for you! The onion rings however were bland and tasteless and the fries were under-cooked.

The service was excellent and Debra was very accommodating every step of the way.

We think you should try Highland Tap and experience for yourself this unique and time-honored Atlanta dining spot. Guten appetit!

  • 1026 N Highland Ave NE Atlanta
  • (404) 875-3673
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