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DBA Barbeque, Ansley Park, Atlanta, GA


DBA Barbeque has been one of our followers on Twitter for some time (@DBAbarbeque) so we’ve been meaning to make the trip to visit this restaurant for quite some time.

Friday nights are always busy in Virginia-Highlands and this night was no exception. Parking was tight in the small lot behind DBA but we were fortunate enough to find a space to squeeze into.

We were greeted quickly and seated right away even though it was crowded.

Prior to venturing out, I happened to read some fo the Google Reviews and one that caught my eye was “John is the best server there”. Fortune smiled on us when, guess who was our server? Right! John!

To get started, we began the meal with fried pickles and fried bacon. I must apologize for not having pictures, but this looked so good we commenced to digging into them before I could even think of shooting a picture! One thing interesting was they cut the pickles the long way rather than in slices that end up like coins. It’s different and they WERE fantastic, but it eliminates it being “finger food” at that point. The fried bacon was interesting but you really had to search your mouth for the bacon flavor.

IMAG0364 I ordered the pulled pork plate with southern potato salad and fried onion rings.

The pork was simply PERFECT! I wasn’t overly impressed with the BBQ sauces though. The spicy, which I normally like, I really did not care for. The sweet was quite tasty but still felt like there was something missing keeping it from really making it.

The potato salad was great and the onion rings… you just cannot find any better. It’s been years since I’ve had onion rings that good. The dipping sauce they come with is very complimentary and set it off nicely.


Melanie ordered the spare ribs with Brunswick stew and creamed corn.

She thought the ribs were great, though the meat had less of a smoky flavor than she had expected.

The Brunswick stew had a little kick which Melanie cannot deal with but I thought was quite tasty. Brunswick stew can be a fierce line of division for some. Melanie, for instance, did not liek the okra and lima beans in the stew. I, on the other hand, thought it was very good although I still hold a preference to Melanie’s homemade Brunswick stew.

The creamed corn was just horrible. I’m not quite sure what they were shooting for here but they missed the mark on that one.


Our young guest, ordered the sliced beef brisket with sweet tater tots and a side salad.

The meat was cooked perfectly and was quite delicious. The sweet tater tots were like candy – you could eat them forever. great choice!

The side salad really spoiled our young guest as there was goat cheese on it. We really did not expect to be gourmet pampered in a BBQ place, but it was truly awesome.

IMAG0354 IMAG0355

The restaurant was lively and fun, playing “ol skool” country throughout the meal. That’s right – Patsy Cline, Johnny Cash… were felt like we were in South Georgia rather than ITP in Virgina-Highlands. They did a wonderful job of decorating for their theme and it works perfectly for them – right down to the old coke machines.

DBA Barbeque KNOWS HOW TO DO IT! I had a great view of the kitchen, and to watch them serving a steady stream of food throughout the evening was great to watch. The cooks handled it like captains in command of their ship and it was comforting to see how smoothly everything ran that night even though they were quite busy.

At DBA Barbeque, the food is great, the atmosphere is quaint and the staff bends over backwards to accommodate you. One more thing: John IS a great server!‎

1190 N Highland Avenue Northeast, Atlanta, GA‎ – (404) 249-5000‎

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