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California Dreaming, Duluth, GA


The first thing I noticed was what a poor location this place was at. While viewable from the I-85 on ramp at Old Peachtree Road, it’s not right on a main road, in fact you kind of get the feeling like you’re turning onto the wrong road when you’re going down there. There’s even a sign posted stating “No access to I-85” further putting into your mind “I’m on the wrong road”. Once we got into the parking lot though, all fears were dispelled as the place was absolutely packed for a Saturday night and we were already wondering how long the wait was going to be.

Thankfully, we were seated right away and we just took in how absolutely huge this place was. The nice thing is though that the design lends itself such that you don’t get the feeling of being at a huge feeding trough but rather a nice intimate restaurant.

The service was really great but it was a little weird because they serve on a team concept and it really throws you off wondering how they communicate. The service was great but you lacked feeling that connection with your server during the dining experience.

For starters, we ordered some croissant rolls and onion rings. I HAVE to mention that the croissant rolls were great – dripping in butter with a hint of cinnamon sugar on top. Very light, fluffy and truly addicting. The salads were really good an I particularly liked the  fresh, real bacon bits.

Mel and I both order the Shrimp Platters which were prepared fine but the shrimp were somewhat small.  And to cap it off, Mel got the Brownie and Ice Cream and I ordered the Chocolate cake. Pure decadence in both cases.

As usual, we ate far more than we should have and enjoyed every minute of it. California Dreaming is now on our list of favorite spots.

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