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Rivals Hot Dogs, Loganville GA

We had high hopes for Rivals. We had heard good things and never had seemed to arrive during business hours (they close at 8pm and are closed on Sundays). Little did we realize that we really weren’t missing much.

Although the decor and atmosphere screams “take me out to the ball game”, the hot dogs were definitely minor league players. I guess we had felt they would be really, REALLY good and they just were, well… there. Yes, they qualified as hot dogs but there was nothing special about them that would make one base an entire restaurant around them.

I tried to really liven it up with sauerkraut and spicy brown mustard but even that couldn’t pull the dogs off the bench. The shoestring fries gave one little to cheer about as well. Similar to Steak n Shakes in size but with the skins on, these fries never left the dugout.

Going to Rivals reminded me of going to the Braves games in the 70s – it’s always fun going to the ball park but there wasn’t much to cheer about.

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