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Jersey Mike’s, Grayson GA

Hidden away behind the Taco Bell in Grayson is a jewel that one MUST experience!

It’s partially my fault. Ever since I went to my mom’s over the New Years holiday (and got served some authentic German food!) I have been craving sauerkraut. Yes gentle readers, a trip to Hans in Helen is probably in the future but lest I digress. Jersey Mikes offers an awesome pastrami and sauerkraut sandwich with thousand island (I like it they don’t call it their “special sauce”) .

Now unfortunately, the young ladies informed me they were out of pastrami but suggested roast beef instead. Hardly a suitable substitute and the sandwich could’ve used ALOT more sauerkraut (at least for me) but all in all it was a great sandwich at a fair price and I thoroughly enjoyed it.

Now for the good news – they will be moving to Loganville in about six weeks!

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  1. Charlie
    January 17, 2010 at 12:18 pm

    We ate here once (their signature sub) and will not be back.. nothing dramatic… BUT Publix just down the road has MUCH better subs for 1/2 the price

    Charlie & Lou Ann

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