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Texas Roadhouse, Snellville, GA


I guess the first thing we ought to say is FRIDAY NIGHT. I probably don’t need to say much more but please allow me to continue so you get a full picture.

We’ve dined at this location many times over the past few years. Over the last six months, we just have NOT been very impressed and this evening was no different.

One of the “nice” things about this establishment is that they provide “call-ahead-seating”. We called at 6:21 and was told the wait would be 20-25 minutes. We arrived at 6:32 and was seated at 7:14. Call-ahead-seating not only did not save us 10 minutes of standing, I actually think it went against us! We continued to see parties who arrived after us get seated before us. The entire waiting experience was crushingly painful. Not only was there absolutely no where to stand, the servers were on top of you trying to get bread and cutlery. For those of you not familar with the layout there is a large area to wait but, because of the design, it does not lend itself to easy access and egress. Thus, waiting patrons tend to linger up front, blocking the servers, who apparently have no other place to get bread and cutlery than to meander through this maze of hungry diners. Those patrons who have finished their meal also run the gauntlet trying just to get out. BTW, parking was plentiful and painless (one of the few acceptable things about this evening).

Once to our table, we found they were in such a hurry to turn the table it was left unclean. There was still food from the previous guests under the table along with a napkin and a spoon. Most agregious was that the table was not wiped properly nor were the seats. We called this unacceptable and this was quickly rectified by the staff. (Kudos!).

These booths are not for those who enjoy food. Okay, we admit not to be the most svelte people on the planet but GEEZ LOUISE! Give a guy a break! When you sit down and you’re uncomfortable, your dining experience has not gotten off to a stellar start.

Considering the crowd, our server got there in a reasonable amount of time although it seemed he was serving too many table as he kept getting confused over what we had ordered to eat and drink. We’ve seldom had a problem with the service here at tonight was no exception.

I had an 8 oz serloin medium which came out more like well. My wife had the 10 oz ribeye which she enjoyed. We also had the Rattlesnake bites as an appetizer which are jalapeno flavored cheese ball-type things. I thought they were right on but Mel felt her tounge burning after one bite. If you’re afraid of spicy-hot food, this appetizer is not for you.

By the end of the meal, I felt like a caged animal just dying to get out of there. Claustrophobia was beginning to set in like cattle in a transport car. Instead of mooing we just paid the bill and left. Grateful but ever wiser to know never to come to this location on a Friday night again.

1969 Dogwood Road
Snellville, GA 30078-2311
Phone: 770-985-1450
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