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Maddy’s, Decatur, GA


maddysgrillMaddy’s is always a favorite of ours and this night did not disappoint. If you want the BEST, and I mean the absolute BEST ribs in the ATL, Maddy’s is the place to find them.

We have to confess though, we came for the BBQ Church this night. Some great gospel and blues music featuring Atlanta’s own Steve Cunningham. This guy is absolutely stunning no both six-string giutar and the lap steel. If you play guitar, he’ll make you want to go home and smash yours against a hard surface because he makes complex riffs look simple and he’s just up there having a great time.

Maddy’s, while lacking on service (you order up front and they bring the meal to you), make sup for it with true quality Southern BBQ. The side items, Brunswick stew, potato salad, and cole slaw, are equally rave-worthy. Yes, the food is excellent. As usual, we had the ribs, which they claim (and it’s true) is ATLANTA’S BEST! They don’t come cheap though. We paid over $60 for two full racks plus side items.

It’s not hard to find and if the parking lot is full though, you can forget finding a table. So, if someone is playing that night, you’d better get there early and claim your spot. Maddy’s is well worth your time whether you’re craving ribs or some great blues music, you’ll find both here.

1479 Scott Blvd · Decatur

(404) 377-0301
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