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Fatz Cafe, Winder, GA

fatzThis one started off pretty funny. I called to get directions, spoke to a young lady who told me “let me get a boy”. I was still chuckling about that when we walked in.

We’d been at this location once before and had a great time. This time, however, things went south more than once.

For those of you who have not had the pleasure of dining at Fatz, we found the atmosphere to be great and the food superb. The service was impeccable. All those things remained true on this visit despite the staff continuing to trip over the seemingly simplest things.

There was a great deal there, a two-for-$20 special – one of the perks of eating out in a bad economy. It even came with an appetizer, which we ordered the spinach dip with tortilla chips.

First mistake: They brought out the salads before we were served the appetizer.

Next mistake: They brought out the appetizer and five minutes later we were served our entrees (which which dispatched back to the kitchen). We spoke to our server about all of this and he apologized profusely. The manager came and apologized also and said they were cooking up fresh entrees, we ended up cancelling the salads…

The entrees came and were excellent. Unlike many of the trimmed-down offers in these specials being offered seemingly everywhere, these were full-size portions – truly more food than we could eat!

Final mistake: It came time to pay the bill and the server mixed up my credit card with that of another patron. YIKES! Luckily I noticed this before I or the other guy left the restaurant. The server again apologized and recharged my card the correct amount.

Insult to injury: 24 hours later I check my account… not only do I still see the charge for the other guy’s tab, I see my tab charged twice… Oh the pain of it all.

442 Atlanta Hwy NW
Winder, GA 30680-7826
(770) 867-3344

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